Brainstorming for Project Review

We have been talking a little bit about Project Review. This is just to write here any possible ideas for the exhibition. As I was at school with Cat and Anouk we though of something which I will just re-write here. I do believe we will have a chat all together with Natasha on friday as well but until then we can think of any possible elements which we want to include in the space.

So our space is the room next to the bar. We have a third of the space sharing with DIP17 and DIP5.

First at all, attached there is a plan of the diploma/inter spaces.

Space Allocations 2015

Second, I got in contact with some of the students asking for their plan as we would like to avoid having walls.

Then,here a quick sketch from today brainstorming:


We were thinking first at all to have the fireplace covered in gold. Then on top a dip9 portrait, which We talked about today on the whatsup group. Pease send me pictures whenever you can. It would come very very veery vereeery nice.

Then a shelf around the window and continuing throughout the room where we can place our books.

Nara, it would be nice to have a sunny window/door permanent installation on the floor.

The whole wall could be covered with drawings/pictures/fragments which then, with the Aurasma app can become alive.
The small wall as soon that you enter on the right can be used for screens where to show the videos.

For now, I talked to Joel and I booked a screen with a recorder. If we will decide at the end to go for a smaller version or 15” attached to the wall etc, we will need to ask him asap.

Finally, please start collecting pictures and videos in a PROJECT REVIEW folder and I made some space as well through dropbox:

Once again, it is just to get the inspirations/ideas going for friday ok? and remember!

And…I wish to get this going as well…ehhehehe

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6 Responses to Brainstorming for Project Review

  1. Catarina Cruz says:

    Anouk pointed out that the ‘judd-like’ shelves should be in the wall with the frames all mixed cuz if its separate it might look weird…

    Wait for me for the Rap video please!

  2. Sabrina Morreale says:

    oh yes frames.. So we will have to decide which drawings/picture to hang to the wall in order to make the frames custom size, perhaps just 2 or 3 sizes and then order/make it as soon as possible! Any ideas please comment!!

  3. Nara Ha says:

    Sounds fun and exciting.
    Gotcha. I will brainstorm about installation as well.
    For that, we need to book a HD(high definition) projector(LED or Laser based projector. not LCD old model!) as well. I’m not sure whether we have to ask to exhibition guys or Joel. Could you talk with Joel when you go down to him again?

  4. Miruna Mazilu says:

    My presentation videos are quite big. It would be easier to transfer them on USB rather than upload on dropbox.

  5. Sabrina Morreale says:

    the dropbox folder is just any reference/informations which we will need for the exhibition. Then each one of us will have a folder with all their work etc. We will upload the final drawings perhaps or the models to choose…