I saw my first live boxing event, it was very exciting for 2 reasons:

1. Championship fight

2. It was in Wembley Arena (previously known as Empire Pool) – the same arena as the floating boxing ring I posted months back!

Sadly the swimming pool has since been filled in and half of the arena was curtained off, but exciting all the same. My photos aren’t great, but they illustrate some of my analysis:

– It was disruptive to even have a cameraman stand in the way, let along a huge column (glad TS solved that problem)

– 3 min round and 1 min break for boxer translates to audience as 3 min cheering 1 min chat.

– Media is everywhere! Two cameramen stand at the corners of the ring. Photographers line the ring and commentators at the back (underneath the spotlights). Even in the breaks when the boxers talked to their trainer or medic they would be filmed and a microphone would appear.


– very dark and lots of spotlights shooting around in the breaks

– At the beginning and end of the match the ring filled with people (trainers, family etc.). – somehow the more people that stood in the ring the smaller the boxers seemed to become.

– Boxers entrance all about bigging up the Ego through music and props such as masks and headbands which were removed once they arrived on stage.

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