Book in room, book in screen

Working on the switch from the screen to the room, and back to the screen. It’s based around the Named View concept – House VI was designed only for a few privileged views and is inexistent otherwise. The film pauses on the image of the house and then we go to the room. For this to work I added a few quick ‘house as image’ spreads, which will first be flipped in the room, and then 2-3 others will be flipped on the screen, connecting to the rotating model which is the living proof that this is nothing but an image……. The images of the house are here there and everywhere BECAUSE THE DIAMOND MOTEL IS A DISPERSED GEOGRAPHYblog blogg

The house is featured on a cleaning product and yes it’s a reference to Jeff Wall lol…..bloggg On my desktopblogggg

On an ad on the Tokyo metroblogggggggg

At the Tatebblogggggg

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