Book as Dome

Here By Richard McGuire

Olafur Eliasson, Your House, 2006



I decided to look at the book as the medium with which to deliver the project and as the project itself. The book as a dome and world whose threshold we are able to surpass psychologically but never physically. Although we read the story we always sit outside it- interior and exterior condition is questioned. The book as the frame which already defines what we chose to include and exclude.

Using the book as a medium to define:

How do we cut and why?

What do we include and what is its significance?

What is the effect of the cut?

Going back to the movie introduced by Charles and looking at how one never knows or is aware of the threshold in terms of word-page-chapter. Idea of blurring the edge through the manipulation of the pages and how they allow us to read an image. Looking at folding- carving and cutting pages as a technique as well as their permeability and materiality. – bridging pages?

Looking at how through Mc Guire’s book multiple frames can exist in one page.

Introducing the notion of points of view through the cutting through of pages- book becomes a volume and mass through which we carve (rock-cut architecture).

Characters: Frida and Diego- exploiting their relationship and bridged house to create a narrative.

Setting: Unkown

Media: Text-Drawings and Model


The dome sits by itself as an artefact and as part of the collection.



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One Response to Book as Dome

  1. A question: are you creating “domes” as enclosures, so then the models, the book, the outcome is produced by endoming. Or each one of them are domes themselves?