Blurring the thresholds of State Change

Layering and blurring the thresholds


While doing some research for TS, I realised I missed what I believe is an important aspect when talking about state change. That is the notion of threshold. For instance, water starts turning into ice when reaching the critical threshold of 0° C. Critical threshold allows for the state of water to change from liquid to solid, hence the unexpected absurd moment that I was missing in the animations.

This threshold, however is not an instant shift from one state to another; it is a space where both realities can exist. With this collage I attempted at drawing this condition of the city and landform occupying the same space at the same time. Like in Gerhard Richter’s paintings (which i went to see in Tate modern on the weekend) the different layers of paint occupy the same space of the canvas, revealed and hidden at the same time, blurring them into a singular space.

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