Block interpreted

I’ve been experimenting with the interpretation of the blocks. As a starting point I thought I would physically scan the blocks.

Photo 12-05-2015 14 43 07

The results can be interpreted as art pieces, that way the block can be interpreted as an art object.




I made a copy of the exact concrete block out of paper. Not sure how, but I thought that could become another interpretation of the block.

Photo 12-05-2015 18 02 28

I have also 3d scanned the block to see what that gives me. I like how it picks the real texture of the surface.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 18.11.45


I am in a way trying to design and create a language through which these blocks can be interpreted. Without that language it is just a block, but designing the language is something I find interesting.

It has been an interesting tutorial today, thank you all. I will revise the thesis and start making images that follow it, need to as Natasha says ‘image the scenario’.

Update soon!


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