berlin was great for the soul but terrible for my foot

Jury Notes

I think in retrospect the crit went better than my interpretation of it on the day AND I think this was the first jury where the conversation was really where I wanted it to be – I blame my sensitivity on the high dose of antibiotics I’m on.
Also my foot has swollen back up again to its beautiful purplish state.

A summary on the feedback –

– Project is currently a bit paradoxical in that it is not clear whether or not what I’m proposing is already the current urban condition, or if I’m proposing an utopic alternative.
– Who are my (precedent) friends?
–  Project reads too much as about walled cities / enclosure and not enough BOX
(but yayy finally got rid of “grid grid grid”)

– Need to stop representing cities in plan and need to show perspectives (e.g. Gursky image)
– The box = themed environment. Boxes have very particular qualities – the genericness, the packaging etc. How does that translate? Exclusivity.
– Need more box examples, until form of box overwhelms content.

– Presentation notes : need more questions, less statements. Needs to be focused more around design, less around intellect. How do you come to any decisions as a designer?

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