Ground Condition, fusible release, Wes interior and intro text UPDT




Wes world interior.




Fusible release.


Ground condition of the ark.




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6 Responses to Ground Condition, fusible release, Wes interior and intro text UPDT

  1. Chong Yan Chuah says:

    Check this out, the logistic of a space elevator. =))

  2. Nicholas Zembashi says:

    An Arthur C. Clarke book on a space elevator constructed at a sacred site in the 22nd century. I have the book if you are interested, the setting of the story is fascinating.

    • Emma Fraser says:

      Oh wow! This is great! thanks Nicholas, yes please if you have the book I’d love to have a look.

  3. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    If the reference to the interior is wes anderson – shouldn’t the interiors be more populated with stuff? props? narrative? detail? If you look at any of the spaces in the films, ESPECIALLY in the Royal Tenenbaums, the interiors are shot utterly perpendicular to the camera, usually symmetrical, backgrounds aligning with characters in foregrounds – textures like window details, curtains, foliage, totally and deliberately PLACED. Don’t just focus on modeling the interior that sits outside of a spatial narrative. design it with the narrative. Or just design the SCENES more than the ‘building-y’ qualities. design the moments / the shots, more than the spaces.