Back to the cipher-reality


Hi everyone !

Happy to be back, although it means less sun, less fun, less Peru. More oxygen though, more CO2 too.. but less piscot sour and more coffee.

Anyway, I have been mostly planning what to do for the last 6/7 weeks ahead :

1/ Making more ciphers – having a larger “inventory”, working with high-res photomontages and so on, to convey the story. These will be used notably for 2/.

2/ Making a video – I don’t know if I should aim for a 5 or 10min format yet; it depends how much I want this video to convey the story. My goal is to shape it a bit like a documentary or a report from a man investigating the cipher.

3/ Mapping – by this I mean two things : 1. reworking on my existing TS map to make it track all the relationships between ciphers etc. 2. I really want to do a more “campo marzio” type of drawing, in which all ciphers will be reunited in one frame.

These days I was working on 2/. It took me a bit of time to edit my footages and so on, but I am testing insertions (like the video below) and trying to figure out the narrative.

I look forward to see you all tomorrow !

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