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‘how to deliver experience through drawing’ Drawing for Church of Light, Tadao Ando


‘delicacy of drawing’, Sectional perspective drawing for Church of Light



Since I’ve been freed from goal for submission, I spent time on re-directing bigger picture of the project and purpose of the project.

Light has been used as importance source, almost the only elements, to describe majesty and mystery of God. It gives familiar warmth to everyone and also supply powerful source of life in everyone lives. Light controls over the way people feel and act. Human eyes can catch even a glimpse of light in a second naturally. And that is the only material which this project is constructed from.

Through the project, I want the impact of the light to be emphasized as max in space which people can physically ‘enter’, ‘embraced’ and ‘experience’.


Questions that I asked myself.

– why communal experience?

– why projection light?

– fixed or mobile?


Topics that the project can bring up.

– interior vs exterior

– how to perceive space (space representing ‘image/feeling’)

– question on actual construction vs virtual construction


Considerations for output of project

– ‘How to present’

– ‘How to deliver(draw)’


I’m writing thesis again with these perspective and arranging preview table..


‘Why people are allured to majestic light?’, Rainbow Church by Tokujin Yoshioka

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