Axo Section – Geo Design

Beginnings of the Section/Axo that will unfold out. The left side is meant to be the artificial structure of the mountain, acting as the sorting facility, retaining wall and to give topography to the site. The right side is then blending into the “real” artificial landscape – one that has not yet been excavated, so the structure of it depends more on the material properties and the size of the material particles (ranging from a giant block to sand particles). In terms of representation, I am thinking left could either be line drawing with hatches or a photoshoped with the different cullets, sand, limestone etc. The right one is probably going to be colourful, like the geo maps, so illustrator filled colourful layers of soil.

I will post the update of it tomorrow.



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2 Responses to Axo Section – Geo Design

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    What was the funny paper-folding thing you were doing today? Was that the sequence of ‘from point to mountain’ to figure out formats? if so, could be really interesting (although at some point I guess you will need to start folding it back up and not just UNfolding as it would get HUGE.

    Your expression while working on it was hilarious.

  2. Liz Tatarintseva says:

    Hah, yeah I was trying to see how I could manimate the point to mountain part, maybe have some plates that unfold out. So each time I talk about the new point I introduce a new manimate plate. That is how I’m also thinking to do the axo. I think the logistics of figuring out the entire presentation as a fold unfold could be a bit time consuming, but I agree, that it’s definitely something to think about! :)