Axo- Catoptric Theatre and notes

Some notes from tutorial with Charles:

The Nolli map was being used up until the 1970’s as a planning document resulting in the stagnation of the city. At which point the mayor asks for the competition to rethink and project forward the city of Rome. There comes the idea of projection.

The competition is an object of urban discourse. It doesn’t change Rome. But challenges the position of the Nolli map as a planning document. The competition did that, more than the proposals. By having the competition we establish that Nolli’s map is a dead document.

Planning now no longer exist in architectural discourse, or rather it’s not as popular as it used to be in the 50’s.Urban planning is a dead topic, much like the Nolli plan is a dead document.

The purpose of the catoptric box, is to have a conversation about the city again. We have conversations about cities as experiences. This project needs to talk about the city’s form. The individual to the form of the city.

The form of the figure is important.

The therapeutic moment is the one with the deepest potential. What if it is an educational moment?  Not sure this should go down the Therapeutic path.

Change the moment of this apparatus. If its not the moment of curing someone, if its actually a course in an architecture school. We can address the fact that planning has disappeared from our conversation.

We work on the architecture of the room and the environment. How the room adapts itself..


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