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v2 v1

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Trials on plan

I am finishing up some drawings, as I would like to start building the models and editing the plan.. here some first start perhaps.

trials ground

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Poster in the making! Updates!

colouring in2colouring incover

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Bridge plan-UPDATED


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build your own collection

desing your own ground


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New file updated + drawing in the making

New TS spreads

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New spreads and storyboard in action

20160221_191826 20160221_191816 20160221_191803 20160221_191755 20160221_191713 g

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Amending pages

correcting2 correcting

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Editing pages + details/titles/book re-layout

editing drawings

I am in the making of some manifesto pages.

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ne12 ne1

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Storyboard in action!

Lego Architects anyone?

Soon the storyboard! Excited about the next few weeks!

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Ts Interim

Here the pdf of the TS booklet in process.

While I am looking at it, I am having too many things I think and it is not clear which is my investigation and design. I am preparing the speech for tomorrow and let’s have as much feedback as possible.

I would love to finish two views as well. I will bring the models and the playfield as well.



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Entering one view + slope bridge

view1 viewpoint2


Mood of the day:

When finally your slope-bridge-ground of making connections inside a pinball machine worked for one second.


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Sunday updates

ts booklet4 ts booklet3 ts booklet2 ts booklet

4 moments

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Views of craters and islands

top view crater

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Creating islands- piling through digging?

islands fragmentsislands cutting

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Introducing the methodology of dredging


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Islands – double update!


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New pages coming soon, construction on its way!

20160208_121147 20160208_111503 20160208_111420 20160208_110458

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New Ts pages

5 4 3 2 1

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Constructing THE BRIDGE

The largest land vehicle  (Felix you might be interested in this as well!)


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A gif for myself!


For the jury , I am having a full table of fragments. It is a work in progress and I am now ready to start writing my speech for tomorrow. I am working with each image and a small phrase to say with it. I want to get as much feedback as possible to proceed with the next levels! Looking forward to tomorrow!



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20160203_122357 20160203_163813 20160203_165350 20160203_165356 20160203_184054 20160203_200240 20160203_200244 20160203_200415 20160203_200957 20160203_203256

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I am going to model some props of the bridge, as I do not know yet which material to choose, I will make it out of board and then we will see later..

The idea is to have 3/4 for Friday with a cone on top to see the perspective of connection from the right point of view. Tonight I am back to the pinball workshop. I need to fit the flippers, connect them and add some led light in the playfield. The converter need to come as well today.

The most important thing for me this evening is to write my argument:

-Why pinball?

-What are you stating?

-Is it about chance/collection or assemblage?

Updates later on!

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Steady.. Ts on the way.

20160201_163430 20160201_163436 20160201_171354 20160201_174207 20160201_174230 20160201_174337 20160201_175003 20160201_175008

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Drawings and cantilevers basics

drawin1   drawin2drawin3floatingretaining wall

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Pinball updates and TS

20160130_122858 20160130_131238 20160130_133326

I will upload some TS bridging scapes and later on tonight into cantilevers!

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Bridging Ts


How to build an open end system?

Look at cantilevers structures

9 elms bridge competition

Curling bridges/rolling bridges

Pivet bridge in Shadwell

Bascule bridge Rotherhithe

I will be working on the design of the bridgeness, properties of bridges and visual of bridges.


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(bridge)scape in details

scapes4 scapes3 scapes2 scapes1

The idea is to have a main drawing as the land of bridges. Then zoom in some details to explore in Ts and make models. Start editing the bridges and creating perhaps one path which is moulded in these bridges.

Then island land. Then,…..ahem. will see!

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Keep bridging!

I am planning to 3d models these bridges to start assembling those on the playfield n.2

Here an interesting project that looks like a….BRIDGE. NOT!

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Illusional connections

tryc tryb trya try3 try2 try1 bridgeland2 bridgeland

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Crossing bridges-Updated!


bridging bridges

crossing bridges


bridging bridges

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In Natasha’s words. (the other one)

I am not looking on how to build a pinball machine, the pinball is the way to navigate through the land.

I am making the sabrina land.

The land of connection, is bridging, physical landscape. Start building bridges, the bridges form the landscape. Once I have all these scapes, I can start talking about illusions and connections through the tricks. Hologramme is an example…etc

First I need the scape . so do the bridges.


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Michael Heizer city.

Plan of the landscapes

IMG-20160126-WA0008 IMG-20160126-WA0007


How do I assemble continuity through fragmentation?

Assembling pieces, spaces, ideologies. Creating artificial scapes, playces.

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Big picture in the progress

Speech for tomorrow.


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From the inside

form the inside

I am creating different point of views for the mirascope trick. There is the object in the middle and the reflection of this which enable the hologramme to be projected at the top.

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Pinball set up


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Pinball on Mars

pinball on mars

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TS modelling and drawings

20160121_190818 20160121_190759 20160121_190751 20160121_190744

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First trials

The empty ground. Lunar landscape_pinball ball starting

As today these drawings are not coming along, I will stop here and start again tomorrow! It just looks creepy!

55d5d78de141f33b9018dbc11af7a00b20fed2dc 581-20121120-10778-an-CharitumMontes ares_vallis_co trial

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Models shoot


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From Marina Lathouri

Dear Marina,

Are you in my head? I should have read you before.

Aristotle’s study on the generation of animals: “distant objects would be seen best of all if there were a sort of continuous tube extending straight from the sight to that which is seen.”

It would be plausible to add that the vantage point has some relation with the little hole, through which one branches off, obeserves,notices, takes into the frame, and places into perspective.

How does the interaction between object and viewer operate?

The etymology of the fragment comes from latin “fragmentum”  or frangere I break. It ascribes significance to the whole, as a small detached portion of something.

These fragments provoke and mobilise new realities. The collector rescue objects from their original functions, he introduce a new context with other similar objects which create a new configuration.

fragments imply a form of organizing state, the form of work in progress.

Alberti used the idea of precedent, selecting from vitruvius parts of architectural knowledge which he needed. He constitute knowledge for assembling new constructs. establishing within the patronage system, a larger contexr, a myth of cultural continuity.

fragments can transport ideas, move at will into perfectly congruent formations. The landscape composed of unary objects from little worlds. eccentric maps of curiosity, expressing a longing to inhabit it.

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From White book to TS -updates!

Yesterday I started assembling some pages for the White Book, including some chapters of my thesis. I am now back into TS, will make a list of things to do and I will start composing the effects with the drawers.

Models from tomorrow!


ts3 ts2 ts

white book

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Stitched PanoramaSTOREFRONT_CLOSEUP_02-482x358

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Sunday mood

A quick update on the project:

Yesterday I have been to the pinball workshop, we have taken some bits and pieces from old machines, we edit it together the main playfield as bumpers and slingshots do not work all in a row etc.

Due to cost, I will cut the wooden boards and make the cabinet as well, this will allow me a more deep understanding of my whole structure as soon as possible hopefully!

Next Saturday I will be back there, building the main layer, in the meanwhile my friend Giacomo is ordering the pieces as flippers, wheels, lever and lights from USA.

Now back to studio:

1. Assembling the White Book

Then into TS:

1.Assembling the book and re ordering the drawers


Optical Illusion



I am also doing some drawings for fun, with colors, balls moving NOICE!20160116_161859 IMG-20160116-WA0010 IMG-20160116-WA0008

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From models to documentation

I am on the track of creating the path of the ball throughout the second layer of time: now from cardboard illusion to perspex perhaps. I will draw some different scales instead of a house or a dice. Some views will help in few hours! Here the video:


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Drawer of time

I will make some bits and pieces today to try for the ball to come down from level 1. Few ideas to do!

20160114_092842 20160114_092845 20160114_092849 20160114_092853 20160114_092859 20160114_092907

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Game on!

pull pin advertising

I am constructing a machine which act as a parallel with life. After you graduate you are pushed out in the world out there. You never know where you are going to end it up. Each path lead to a random office, a random project. Once you find a place, a project starts.

The first thing that you are dealing with a project is SCALE: a desk, a room, a building, a garden, an underground.

Then you pass into the TIME schedule: how long will it take to do things, waiting time, material arrival, planning applications, very fast design stages or very slow.

Finally, the CONSTRUCTION: the architect gain experience and start building its own project through all the pass stages.

Although throughout, there are moments of SUDDEN CHANGES, of variables which you need to overcome in order to proceed.

In the same way, the PINBALL MACHINE act as CHANCE, it plays the VARIABLES which you insert in the PLAYFIELDS and go through the LEVELS(drawers).

The first playfield are the grains. You smash them in ordert to start.

The ball then go to the first drawer: SCALE. (Palladio, Soane) interior/exterior/miniature

then TIME(Cedric, Bikini) erasure/destruction

finally CONSTRUCTION (Peggy, Duchamp) fragments/collection/






Dice/not dice




The player dimension is where you can build your own project, your own world, your own city. I am now starting to design the mechanism, the layers , the connection and the whole machine.


20160113_135633 20160113_135628

pinball advertising

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New term

After a whole day of reading/sketching/re-reading/re editing of ideas…I came up with a list of things to do or think more deeply about. here the schedule:

1. Tranforming my 2d drawings in moving images, Similar to this

2. Satuday 16th of January I am going to my friends in East croydon, we will build from scrap pieces the new pinball

3. I will start drawing the drawers of the pinball and start sending the drawings to Germany, where these will be done properly on glass. There will be 4 or 5 different playfield drawings

4. I am starting as well to build some fragments so they can slot each other. I need to think about which fragments to choose or if it is just to show the mechanism of it.

5. I have started some TS research in the outlook of a comic book. What I like about it, is the fact which becomes a manual and the layout allow me to jump from references, to the pinball to small details.

6. This is my reading list. AMAZING REFERENCES

7. I finish the thesis! Yuppppiiii (ahem, thanks Manolis to answer me. Yes, I am chasing you)20160111_192837 20160111_192834 20160111_192831 20160111_192821 20160111_192801 20160111_192746

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New Year resolutions

work in progress

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Jumanji + speech


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Level 3 of machinerium + first level limbo

I strongly believe that this is the most helpful thing to write my speech tomorrow!

I have 3 chapters now:




playin machinerium3 playin machinerium

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Let’s keep plannin”’-with colors


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Pockets of happenings

pockets of happening3 pockets of happening2 pockets of happening

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…run run run ruuuuuuun


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Hockney and inspiration

I have just seen the secret knowledge, suggested by Manolis. I wrote down some bits and pieces and I am seeing a way to start my conversation on Friday. As well, I am reading now The world of Madelon Vriesendorp at the moment to add some more inspiration to my head. I would like to have some writing for tomorrow as well.

smallbig image


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Plan editing continues..


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Before going back into plan..

20151213_225216 20151213_225213 20151213_225207 20151213_220413 20151213_220408

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Shuffle fragments- update


shuffle button

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interesting overlays


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A bit of fru fru

20151212_131350 20151212_115015 20151212_115009 20151212_115006

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Trials with movements and colors

movement and color

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Ouch he did it!

This is what I wanted to achieve today  and I failed. From tomrrow I will re-do the cnc model as it is just very wrong.

I will draw a bit now, thinking of doing some bits and pieces on top of the plans to have a Perry Kulper effect:

2805101275068680centralcaliforniahistorymuseum pk_davids_island museum_sectionl mx5392d45o6faq3d 7489169_orig Perry-Kulper californiahistorymuseum-detail californiahistorymuseum



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evolution palladi

bikini evolution

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Halleluja day

I would like to have 2 mins of silence for anyone who is doing a CNC model.

——- respect for cnc. cnc is hard. meshes are even harder.

So now that the main landscape is into the machine, and the islands which will go on top are on the way, I am making the small pieces which you play with.

Plan for the next days:

1. Work on the bikini island model

2. work on the pieces of bikini island on all drawings , lineweight, frames, etc

4. work on the palladio plan/axo/view and make a model as well. Thinking to make it out of wood and cast it in cement. Having the negative of it.

5. I had a TS tutorial yesterday with Amin and something interesting came out. I am having one with Evan and on Friday with Javier. Will make a diagram/drawing later on..

Further updates later on!

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Model making updates!

CNC model going tomorrow, here the wooden base. Some snapshots of the sea and bikini island and shock wave reference… now into the boats, and small parts which need to be in 3d.


bikini2 bikini120151209_10554620151208_17580220151208_175759

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mood of tonight.

E olèèèè

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CNC on the way..

cnc2 cnc1

using some topographic maps in order to have the whole sea, making sure the lasercut files and the cnc are the same, they fit each other. Resin needed and small pieces.


The outcome will be like this:

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Layers for CNC model and palladio plan

layers cnc model2 layers cnc model



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Working on elements of Palladio

Working on the actual construction of the space..


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Into Palladio’s details

yesterday I did a marathon of APP, which was needed!  Now into studio: I tried to work on rhino, but actually on tracing paper I got the idea much better!

Escher and Palladio were buddies.


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Top down perspectives/games

Top-down perspective videogame

Working on Palladio’s plan..

palladio plan

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From world to world…

The Bikini island need to have:

-shock waves around the bombing

-Have two islands, the bikini island which the governament wants to bomb and the spectacle island with viewers and people watching it live

-High resolution and realism of lines/details

-Build the model with the landscape and then the architectural layer on top

-the way I can document the model should be through a dental camera

-parts of the model can be zoomed in/different scales


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Long story- infinite possibilities-update







lines just to update on the fact, that I had to change the rhino files as too many lines made it crash..GOOD DIRECTION THEN!





Bikini plot-in the making….

After completing the starting zone PLAYFIELD1 you will land on the beach of BIKINI ISLAND. Here you hand in your INSTRUCTIONS, depending on your SKILLS you will be directed to the group, following THE NATIVE. You will help out the natives to collect their ITEMS and deconstructing their HOUSES. After completing this, you will take the BOAT to RANGERICK ATOLL. Here you will collect the FRUITS from the trees and pack them in boxes, which need to be transported to the KWAJALEIN ATOLL. Here your job is to construct NEW HOUSES for the natives, cutting wooden palms trunks and flattening the sand. Complete these by going into the woods along the path and clicking the banners and KILLING ANY USA SOLDIER. You will be attacked by one of them and brought it to the COMMANDER. Here in his office, you will hand him FRUITS AND ANIMALS which you have taken previously. He will send you to the US TROOPS in the SUBMARINE department, here you will hit the RED BOATS, which are the target for the nuclear bomb.

While bikini island slowly get destroyed, you try to find a way to stop this taking control of the submarine and direct it to the tv station. Once you hit the tv channel, the world will never know that bikini atoll is getting destroyed so there will be no spectacle. You surpassed the first level. Congratulations.




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Bikini plot

Working on the bikini plan, writing the plot at the same time which it is going to help me drawing it much better. Here a reference for the plot.


b2 b1

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From japan with love

Some ideas for Bikini



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References from dip5

Fairy tales world competition

Fairy tales drawings prizes!

Gabriel Bollag

Christopher Yah

I would have never said it…but Lorenzo Perri

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LEt’s start editing!

bikini new


Editing the Bikini plan at the moment.. it’s a game. it’s a first level of the game, so let’s draw it properly in order to get it somewhere.. i researched quite a lot yesterday and I have been inspired by films suggested by Charles and dubsmash obviously.


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Easter egg star wars

Easter egg on google translate!

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Few things to work out during the weekend:

These plans need a lot more details, moreover we need an aim for each plan. Where am I going? why? what am I trying to achieve each time?

Overlay few elements, which put in relation the layers between each others.

Prescribe sequence-individual variables

1. Palladio-what’s the story in the name change? going up and down the stairs? Look at each plan of Palladio’s villas.

2.Peggy is talking to people all the time, travelling to meet new artists, get new work.

3.Cedric wanted the cage to be taken off, it is about freedom, the user in power not the architecture. The architecture is erasing in name of freedom.

4.Bikini island, obliteration of space, destruction

5.John Soane, collection of artifacts, transformations of spaces and objects together

Scale does not matter, the easter eggs need to be hidden and everything needs to be in plan. ALIGNMENT matters a lot. COHERENCE (moreover, verbal coherence) matters more than anything and I am failing at it. So put yourself together Sabri!

ahem, then, Mr Felix suggested a wonderful idea of reading my axos as plans. But this is another story and maybe I will give it a try after Sunday.

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Overlaying plans


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