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Soooo…Colomina ( from Anatolios’s Corbusier/Eileen Grey) developed and curated Playboy Architecture, 1953-1979

PlayboyArchitecture_Colomina Beatriz

Playboy Architecture, 1953-1979 explores the crucial role of modern architecture— buildings, interiors, furniture, cities and product design—in constructing the Playboy imaginary. The exhibition shows how architecture was mobilized to shape a new sexual and consumer identity for the American male and how architectural taste became critical to success in the art of seduction.



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looking at steve jobs got me to this..

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Constructing Piranesi & Lina


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Collecting grains of sand

Glass-House-Da-Monsta-Philip-Johnson‘Da Monsta’ was in fact done by Philip Johnson… I doubted myself yesterday but double checked. It looks as if inspired by Frank Gehry, but  Johnson claimed that his original inspiration for Da Monsta came from the design for a museum in Dresden by artist Frank Stella. When Johnson first made a  model of this structure, he named it “Dresden Zwei,” or “Dresden Two,” and presented it to Stella.

This is Frank Stella’s form, a model of a structure he designed for Dresden that was never built.

frank stella dresden 1991

“Part of the problem was how to build it,” Stella explained. “And so when Philip said, ‘I know how to do it,’ I said, ‘O.K.’” Johnson’s solution was to use chicken wire and cement. “I mean, it’s not the way I would have done it, but it was done very well,” Stella conceded.

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