I went to see Arrival this week-end (film was released 3 days ago) and I really encourage everyone to go and see it. Pretty minimalist yet well explored plot of “12 weird unknown massive objects appeared all of a sudden on Earth, and we need to find out what ‘it’ wants”.

For me it was particularly good as the film revolves around trying to communicate with these aliens, meaning understanding their language (a strange and complex circular glyph).
These glyphs were rather interesting as the intention of the director was to create a language from scratch that would refer to none of our current existing languages – which was pretty successful. Each of these circle had then ‘bigger’ parts within it that are the meaning, and therefore words are created from association of ‘bigger parts within the circle’.
Another fundamental point of the film was about how we, humans, interact with language, and how we shape our thinking from our language; and therefore learning a different language change the way we think. Then imagine how the main protagonist reacts through the learning of the alien language …
Other key thematics were developed such as communication between nations or time-space related events but I let you discover this on your own.

Ultimately, there is a question that may burn to be released from certain people lips. Should we call this language …. alienmoji ? …. NO.



The trailer :

A good summary on how the film developed the thematic of language :

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