Argument Plate 2/5

This plate shows all the physical forms of projection that relate to the picture and image. Alberti’s window, anamorphosis, camera obscura and Serlio’s perspectives.

Any comments?


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2 Responses to Argument Plate 2/5

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    the skull feels too superficially applied to the drawing – perhaps insert it as a 3d sculpture as with Robert lazzarini’s?

    Then you can be more deliberate about how you insert in into the drawing – and again it lets you move the conversation away from the 2d flattened reading to the 3d.

    I saw these years ago at the Whitney – and I think they were made of bone dust and reconstituted as these warped skulls.

  2. Ananth Ramaswamy says:

    Thanks! I was going for the same effect as with the Ambassadors painting, where it a very superficial application in the foreground. But you’re right, i think for the sake of the argument, its better to use something thats 3 dimensional.