Are you in good hand ?


I have been working on how to build the set of the project. I took some photographies and I have been constructing a narrative from the place I captured. I am working on the first image now and will have more to show tomorrow. The main idea is to somehow recreate the condition of a set in a real environnement – still using one unique point of view. I am then using different ‘objects’ (= the color paper environnement in my previous model) to build another reality ‘on top’ of the one we can really see. The layers I am adding on top of the ‘real’ are disruptive but they also allow for the ‘unreal’ to exist through the camera.

I liked the photography of this advertisment : ‘Are you in Good Hands?’, Allstate insurance Advertising Agency. It is using the particular condition of the real to allow us to briefly think in a particular event. And it has a the narrative of the accident embedded in it – which allow the Insurance company to ask ‘Are you in good hand ?’

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