Are you convinced?


2012? – which do you prefer?


anything in particular needs work? – r we convinced with the perspectives of library and lecture hall? .. as for the carpet – i cut it with scissors (yes eleanor) – it was a very neat process

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6 Responses to Are you convinced?

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Hi – make both work.

    If you draw the perspective lines of the floor and ceiling of the front members’ room into the library, you will see that your perspective of the library is very skewed.

    Draw guide lines in photoshop first then align the image to it. You may need to move the hole over to the left a few feet as well. Might even be better then as it won’t be so symmetrical. N

    • George Massoud says:

      its strange cus the top one is actually in the right perspective – according to my lines – but yes i see what you meen i will revise my perspective lines i mite hve messed up sumwer

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    1. your (I’m assuming) pshop cloning of the carpet around the edges of the hole is a bit lighter than the rest of the carpet for some reason – seems as though if anything it would be darker, dustier and dirtier than everything else.

    2. the cracks at the top left of BOTH holes are EXACTLY the same so I would change those so it doesn’t look like you just copy/pasted the hole.

    3. The front members one can also be a somewhat different shape. perhaps, not such a perfect circle.

    4. I understand why we see the hole in perspective in the unit space hole because it’s tapering down in a cone towards the lecture hall. However, in the front members’ room it’s maybe slightly odd that the hole is tapered (by that I mean that the hole on the front members side is slightly larger than the hole on the library side so I see too much of the ‘wall guts’. Seems as though this one would just be a straight-forward hole.

    • George Massoud says:

      1. i will make edges darker – however i think wen i fotograph the “event” tmrw it will be a bit hidden with all the props, plastic sheeting, etc

      2. yes i agree with the cracks

      3. i will try and distort the circle a bit ..

      4. it is a cone – considering its going through about 50 cm of brick you would see a bit of it .. but yea there is no need to see alot of the brick wall in the “vertical plane” – i guess i went a bit crazy when making the hole and started ripping too much of the plasterboard

  3. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Do you have the revised Unit Space elevation view yet – like you had last week?