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” But for many of today’s artists this “desert” is a “City of the Future” made of null structures and surfaces. This “City” performs no natural function, it simply exists between mind and matter, detached from both, representing neither. It is, in fact, devoid of all classical ideals of space and process. It is brought into focus by a strict condition of perception, rather than by any expressive or emotive means.”

-Robert Smithson

Working on the book and drawings together- Fridays tute and Merve’s genius sentence (“The factory cannot think for itself, it can only assemble what is thought of”) have helped to resolve a lot of things in my MIND. Hope to have a set of my 9 drawings/ images for monday/ tuesday. Above is the Smithson quote iv held on to since the start of the year! Reminding myself of where mind/matter came from.

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