who knew you could crease curves






Am thinking about the various forms in which these objects exist, as drawing, as flat scored sheets and finally 3D objects.

The drawings are  a set of instructions to realize the final object, and sometimes do and sometimes don’t look anything like the 3D piece (e.g. 2nd example).

I really like the idea of the ‘score’ sheet, which is the flat unfolded paper which the drawing either cut or scored, but almost invisible to the eye. Once you pick up the paper though it almost starts bending into place without you having to do much manual folding.

Scored lines / scores for realizing the 3D piece?

Also have a set more like the folded piece I showed on Friday. Will photograph them all properly tomorrow in different lights.

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One Response to who knew you could crease curves

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    try to design scenes with these objects, not just forms. If you are using them to stage a narrative, or declare something about space/shadow/the-meaning-of-the-universe, what would you do with them? Make and stage them. Don’t get seduced by the origami of it all.