Wall Voids


Il Redentore docking station.


Brancusi’s endless column slots into the wall.


WIP Casa Malaparte cave in the wall.


WIP Modi’s resting place.

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2 Responses to Wall Voids

  1. Miruna Mazilu says:

    we need this playing in the background :))

  2. Natasha Rieffel says:

    I was thinking about how this ends and the different options you were thinking of. Since these are all extracts from the wall that get held up by this sort of scaffolding system, does it all rot away as the paddleboat never arrive? Do bits of it fall apart as time goes on and the whole efforts are actually made for nothing. Like venice the wall itself sinks into nothing and ends as a ruin. The images could go from this clean cut concrete to underwater atlantis, moss growing and structure rotting in the sea.