Answering questions!

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 20.22.24 photo photo


Post the jury- I need to answer what the project is trying to do? What the fuction of the dream is? and how assembly is used to break linearity?

I went back into the project to extract the main elements that i move through. This is the from the paper- screen (laptop)-table- studio-factory-landscape

To break this sequence, its interesting to move the reverse direction where the landscape is assembled in the factory, which is within the studio (a model) upon the table as a image in the screen, printed on paper (the image) . Eventually architecture is its image, which is conceived in the mind.

I want to focus now on 5 key drawings that are in the dream state (or the transition between one scale/ object to the next. There are the moments of awakening between one state to the next. I would really like to make a series of 5 physical models of these moments. Will try to make a sketch plan of this for tomorrow!



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