Updated TS Table of Contents

After a TS tutorial with Evan, much became clear…

My TS will be a case study of how to cut and tunnel through one particular mountain, as a sort of instruction manual on how to perform any cut. Ideally, Mount Everest – as if you can create a deep vertical cut through that – you can through any mountain!

Updated Table of Contents:


1 / Introduction

1.1 Project Statement

1.2 TS Statement

1.3 Defining the Operative Line

a. Energy & Work

2 / Geometry of the Line

2.1 The Line Manifested in Different Dimensions

2.2 From One Dimension to Another

3 / Cutting Operations

3.1 Vertical Cuts

a. Wood

b. Metal

c. Stone

Pyramids Case Study
- Panama Canal Case Study

3.2 Horizontal Cuts (Tunnelling)

a. EuroTunnel Case Study
b. Orestund Bridge & Tunnel

3.3 Transition from Cut to Tunnel

3.4 Natural Cutting Formations

3.5 Building in Mountainous Areas

4 / How Do You Cut Through a Mountain?

4.1 Geology of Mount Everest

4.2 How to Cut Through?

4.3 Structural Reinforcement

4.4 Inhabitation of the Cut

5 / Around the World (Territorial Strategy)

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