The plan from now to the Jury..

- I’ve been working on producing 3 huge a0 size prints over the past few days. Thinking of printing it in A1. as A0 is a lil too massive. 
- I will be producing 7 A1 for the Jury. ( 3 Images, The Universe Map, figure8, SomniaXYZG Map, Monster anatomical Drawings. )
-  Been working over the weekend on Script. The script for 27 years of Lazarian Delights is FINALIZED . No more changes !
- The Narrator-Log Voice is recorded.
- From now on wards up to Friday, i need to stitch together the Log Voice and re-edit all the animation footage to fit into script timeline.. 
- I need to PRACTICE how to present before the film comes in.  there’s a part in the script introduction i need to work on.. 



The Part where I read. Script2
Script3The Narrator Log Voice.
Script4 Script5 Script6 Script7 Script8




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