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Light at the end of the Glass Factory

Now I just need to figure out what happens pass the elusive yellow warehouse door…

Industrial-warehouse-inside portrait

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Visual Clues

glass factory visual clues

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Glass Mountains

I have been briefly looking into how glass factories operate and one of the interesting ingredients in making glass is cullet (broken often recycled glass). Here are some interesting images of cullet ‘landforms’ + a visually stimulating rock :)

backlot4-727 Industrial_WSP_2011_05_13_CulletPlant-11932-Edit-VIV2backlot1-727 Gabbert-Photo-019 tumblr_mx5fhyzyjx1qzg3euo1_1280 tumblr_mx5fir43cn1qzg3euo1_1280

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losing figures..


I am experimenting with depicting the micromegas views in different materialities.. right now the idea is for each plate to be an illustration of one topic that the drawings are “fighting” against. In this case, rendered in glass, you are supposed to lose sight of the figure as all the shapes merge into one another.

Ideas for plates are : materiality, ground, context (literal/theoretical), text, figure, narrative (cause and effect), architecture

In each plate, we see the protagonist (me?) holding various items with which to “read” (like the map-territory relationship)…

Update on text coming soon.

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