Storyboarding and revisiting interiors


Having focussed so far on the pre-wall section of the project and hinted at the post-wall landscape I have revisited the interstitial space of the wall interior and the opportunity for mechanisms within the space, having looked into and displayed how the initial construction of the wall from an exterior perspective, (based on the Panama Canal construction), I am now interested in exploring the condition inside the wall and if/how this could be exploited for the progression of the project.


Storyboarding, I am beginning to spend some time storyboarding the narrative with all of the project work to date to visually show the continuum in its present entirety and clarify the sub-texts that weave into the story as a whole. I think this exercise will be useful as a starting point to see the sequence of drawings and where the project has arrived with regard to the overall narrative and argument.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 00.34.47

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2 Responses to Storyboarding and revisiting interiors

  1. Natasha Rieffel says:

    oooooh… :)
    why does the wall have internal mechanisms? does it do something…expand perhaps?

    • Emma Fraser says:

      So far I have been looking at it in terms of moving the paddleboats into the walled area, but expansion could be super interesting!