Sorting sorting sorting


Thinking about ‘the parking’ and some of the designed elements that could exist within the wall.

christina.varvia-red seascape

christina.varvia-foundland persp with reflections_00072

Shipping Tales, Christina Varvia Dip 6 2014. Her project is really interesting in its focus on boundary conditions and the horizon as a measuring means, I also like how these images look quite like turner paintings, the painted quality makes the images much more evocative than if they were to look more realistic.


Starting to map out the distances in the isolation horizon drawings.


One of the disputed islands in the South China sea.

Sansha City, Woody/Yongxing Island part of the Paracel Islands.



Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 21.23.29

Sorting out the presentation into sections and making thumbnails and captions.

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