Post Tutorial thoughts

Some thoughts from yesterday’s tutorial-

1. All projects exist on paper, they do not become real, they are all proposals or function as paper architecture. I’m working with the unbuilt, and the presence it has in the real world.

2. The city is incomplete in its built physical form and the unbuilt completes it.. As a fifth year project i need to do something with this. How do we use this to BUILD?

3. How can the surreal become the device to enable this switch between what is unbuilt and what is real? Why is the surreal relevant today?

4. The crossing over of the imaginary and the real, the surreal could be a useful in the form of a  visual, or condition to explore the slippage between built and unbuilt, real and non real- They are collapsed into a singular plane.

5. Between MIND AND MATTER. What happens in that shift is where the project lies. The moment when the idea, is projected into the real. Projection is tool to explore and build a type of architecture with a presence which is not yet there. In the way that, most library classifications, account poorly for that which they do not know at the time of their founding.

6. That which the library does not know, is in the zero’s. The Salk is an example of how a building draws its future. How do you design an architecture that leaves space for the future?

7. In libraries, all unknowns are zero’s.

8. The uranium mound- Its a place holder. The cell, is an absolute, its crushed by the mound, we cannot do anything with it. It does not coexist with the past or the future.

9. With the phantasmagoria set up, we don’t know whats in the paper state, and what is real. Zero is dislocated, because we are dealing with the unbuilt. They are overlapped, what is the split, between the planes of existence?

10. What do I do about content?

11. The rock is a good start, its the absolute opposite to paper. To get to the rock we have to go through paper. From one you get to the other. The paper becomes marble, which then literally becomes the building material of the project.

12. Texture and materiality, changes our perception of paper. Content is the question to resolve. The empty space, is the quarry of ideas, which spews material to create the unbuilt works. What is this unbuilt work?

13. Paper to rock to WHAT? to ground, to quarry, we want to make the quarry, or make with the quarry. The quarry was both real and unreal, a fictional space.

14. How do i use the drawing to flip state? one is the idea state, another the material state, one thing gets folded into the other and changes state?

15. What is interesting, is that its flipped and broken (in the small model).  The split, where neither state is complete, and exist independently.



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