Notes from Tuesdays pin up

Notes from previous conversation


  • I am are using the piss painting as a bases through which to look all the others or to work through the others.
  •  Calvino’s talks as a conceptual starting point
  • The technic was the piss paintings wheather or not that leads you anywhere
  • Here is one meats another equals a 3rd its not opposite is a collision it’s a chemical reaction.


  • Output creates input. ( piss paintings )


  • Pollok: the important part with his paintings they become a documentation of the technic with which he create the objects are the technic.


  • You can not separate the way they where created with the object.


  • The piss painting is something equal


  • You can not separate the fact that he piss on them with the object its self you can not separate the one or another


  • The objects are a manifestation of the technic. How could you create 5 objects that actually become the manifestation of the technic?


  • Rather than thinking about the yin and the yang think about the conversions between the two.


  • Debate of 2 materials.


  • Fat design the event


  • What do you take from each grain. ?



  • how you make one object that shows the debate.


  • The cultural Boolean.


  • How does it become generative?


  • The sampling machine that becomes the vehicle to look all 6 projects.


  • The book that you keep identify oppositions


  • Defining architecture through something that it is not.
  • You don’t have the object , You have the foot print
  • You have what the object is not.
  • The architectural fossil s(apolithoma)
  • Defining a thing with what it isn’t


The technic


  • Processes of erasure etching boo leaning boo leaning, excavating


  • What are the materal technics would be the fossil or the Boolean


Piss painting reenactment: it stays so surface based its not eroding into a material


3d models worked


The ball is good because it has no orientation


The continues drawing is fine it needs work


Its forced to have constantly a relationship with what it is next to each other

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