New Suits Planning

After last Friday’s tutorial I decided to add four new suits to the cards set, so that the players will be able to decide which ones to use at the beginning of the game. The new suits will be Gardens, Infrastructures, Interiors and Informal settlements. The new suits will also be helpful to start introducing the research on drawing methods and their symbolic meaning, which I started doing last week and I’m continuing now.



Gardens and artificial landscapes will be in a gradient from formal compositions to more natural ones. It will start as a completely abstract bi-dimensional geometrical pattern, which will gradually transform into a three dimensional drawing. The main switches in the construction of the drawing will be from 2d pattern in plan, to 3d pattern in axo, to a perspectival vista when the landscape transforms itself into a more natural setting.

Medium: Hand drawing



I’m thinking of drawing a suit based on infrastructures, which will probably be represented into an axonometric format and have some kind of ‘technical’ look. The infrastructures will go from the scale of a microchip all the way to dams and power plants.

Medium: CAD drawing or maybe 3chrome drawing Chernikov-style



This suit will be the only one set completely into interior spaces. It will have a gradient mainly based on scale, starting from a single room and going up to the scale of a movie set/amazon warehouse. I’m imagining this suit as a series of interlocking perspectives rather than axonometric, which will help me introduce the perspective vs axo theme that I have been researching in the past few days.

Medium: Photoshop Collage


Informal Settlements

For this suit I was thinking of rearranging the composition of the camp miniature that I did in term 2, in order to fit it into a card suit format. This suit will be particular because of the density of human figures, which are pretty much absent from all the other sets. I’m seeing this suit as a Where’s Wally type illustration.

Medium: Hand drawing.

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