“The city performs no natural function, it simply exists between mind and matter”

Architecture exists in an endless negotiation between what we imagine, and what we build. If we consider the “built” as a mere representation of the drawing, where then is the “real” architecture?

In this hybrid state between what is real and what is fictional, what is built and what is not, is where the true nature of existence and experience lies. Architecture lies in the realm of our perception. Our perception is the trigger that brings about a flash-like recognition, connecting the past with the present in a short circuit, which reveals the dreams and ideals of the people and its phantasmagoria.

Freud once said that the dream is a trick to keep us sleeping, but now its time to wake up, and escape the phantasmic representations of the mind in favor of a way of seeing, that investigates our relationship to the physical world.

If the act of sleeping resulted in the phantasmagoria, then what does the act of awakening create? Awakening means to dissolve the phantasmagoria into a swamp of cables and lights, fragments and ruins, technicians and robots facades and sets, thereby uncovering the artifice behind the imagined reality.

The project will set up the world of awakening. Where the dreams and visions of the collective become a tangible and physical reality.

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