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Here is a mock up of the mind machine which uses the projector instead of the screen. I do not want it to be too large and occupy most of the table, because i will need space for the book as well. So i think the best size is about 60cm in width. It still might only be for a couple of people, but since the images that i get out of it are more important than the machine itself, i think this size is good enough.

Meanwhile i tested it out with the projector- and it seems to work

photo (22)

but i will need to see what the size of the the projection is with the height being 60cm. Still need to do a few tests.

Meanwhile, iv sketched out a sort of final drawing, which will reveal all the scales and objects that are operating within the project.

photo (23)


BUT, i am now working most importantly on the sets that go into this. The more i think the more i wonder, whether i should just use the existing machine i have, and concentrate on the sets (which are most important) . This is an open question.. comments??

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2 Responses to Machine

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    NEW machine. I know it’s easy to use the old one, but the old one is OLD. It’s flimsy, too narrow and falling apart. By the time you retrofit it, might as well make a new one. ALSO, use of projector much more interesting than the TV which (btw) always ends up upside down (you really need to master this minor but pervasive glitch!)

    photo = awesome.

  2. Ananth Ramaswamy says:

    THANKS for making that clear. Ill make sure the image is not inverted haha.