Landscapes of imagination


Colour, texture and detail I can use to transform my original ‘template’ map of Mars (selfportrait) to fit a certain perception of the drawing.

Making drawings for at least two perceptions of the following list that I collected:

  • tree canopy
  • volcano
  • cracked earth
  • marble
  • microscopic biological matter (plant, vegetable, illness, cells)
  • rivers
  • diagram of city
  • tunnel
  • settlements
  • beehive
  • map
  • mountain
  • conurbation/agglomeration
  • crystalline growth on wall
  • cracked glass

Some amazing photos of landscapes, hard to distinguish what they really are, abstract quality

jakobshavn-glacier-greenland aral-sea aster-mining high-resolution-landsat-satellite-imagery-oman

And some images showing what people saw in the abstract selfportrait

circle-of-trees cracked-earth diagram-infrastructure-1 grand-prismatic-spring-aerial-view-2 marble2 meteor_crater night-light tunnel-2 volcano

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One Response to Landscapes of imagination

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Your project has officially become a super interesting landscape project!