Golden Compass

golden compass-Model-000

golden compass-Model-000





This is a navigation device that belonged to my Grandpa, I am using it to design my horizon visibility device.

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10 Responses to Golden Compass

  1. Amar Mehta says:


  2. Amar Mehta says:

    I was thinking…like in the tomb raider movie (cradle of something). They had this device inside that pandora something, where each ring on the sphere corresponds to an object located somewhere on the planet – vessel in your case. Since the globe is a sphere, the rings could work in all axis and would accurately determine the location of each boat – like the planets orbiting the sun. It would also look uber cool when we see all these rings overlapping at different speeds and in different directions – Hope this makes some sense….

    • Emma Fraser says:

      That would be excellent!
      I will look into making a multiple dimension spherical thing. This is a WIP so far the idea is definitely to track the paddleboats as well as giving distances to the horizon in differing weather conditions, the compass instrument will be used to quantify the colours and atmospheric conditions in the isolation images.

    • Natasha Sandmeier says:

      Maybe darwin’s sketchbook can work in the same way for you? Each page reveals a piece of the landscape?

  3. Amar Mehta says:

    yeah something like that :D

  4. Mark McGlynn says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your grandpas Troughton & Simms protractor. I need!