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I have been looking into the technicalities and logistics of removing a building from its context and setting it onto the paddleboat. Here we see Il Redentore being excised from Venice.

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7 Responses to Extraction

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    maybe also a photoshop of the extraction with the venetian surroundings? Or a super-strange drawing that shows the stages of extraction to entry.

    I was trying to find some good ones (but to be honest, just searched 5 min…but if you look at the ones i mentioned last week from Ariadna – in the big TS book.
    otherwise here:
    the images in this video http://dip9.aaschool.ac.uk/archive/previews-presentation/

    the 5th and 6th drawing in this list
    instead of reading them as axo or sections of a series of buildings, imaging the drawing instead as showing a chronology

    interesting physical models

    on another note – how great are these?

    stick that on a paddle boat and smoke it!

    • Emma Fraser says:

      Ok yes an image of the extraction process, yes I am a big fan of those Stephen Holl drawings, that style could show the process and chronology both of the times and the journey from extraction to collection.
      Those models are fab.

      Love love LOVE the observatoires! They’re going straight on a paddleboat!

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    the drawings you posted on this page – if they were presented as contemporary documents of a process – how would you imagine they would present themselves for future generations?

    Massive posters of extraction?
    4 books / Palladio-esque?
    the drawings are great – now imagine the right medium or presentation form.

    • Emma Fraser says:

      They are in a document set out like the four books with a Palladian title page and all! I just took a screen shot to show the extraction process, I am bringing the document so far printed tomorrow.
      I will upload the Palladian contents page now.

  3. Mark McGlynn says:

    TS Javier underpinned a church in Soho square to extend the height of the basement. Aslo this was a Part II project that moved wooden churches http://www.presidentsmedals.com/Entry-34041

  4. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    you are crazy fast.