conclusion draft..

Consumption thrives on speed and excess. In typical big box fashion, value is attached to a commodity not for its durability but to it’s short-lived lifespan. To quantity over quality, to infinite choice.

The consumer of the City exists as any consumer does; in a constant state of dissatisfaction. Either the City is purposefully designed to fall short of expectations, just enough that the consumer is driven from one to the other in search of fulfilment, or the city really does appease one’s every need but then the consumer simply cultivates new needs, new desires. There is an artificial sense of emergency that propels the consumer from one city to another – faked, only to enhance the City’s desirability.

Excess perpetuates this dissatisfaction. The consumption of one city after another becomes about the quest for the ultimate one, and never the find. No single city can be accepted as the ultimate one; this would signal a failure of the world of consumption and the fun would end.

Feeling obliged to buy in to the system, the figure of the architect becomes that of a salesperson. She can no longer have a strong conviction about any particular city that she authors, but in the project of creating multiple competing identities.
… still needs a lot of work. also, no idea what the ending sentence should be!!

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