Building the wall


w11 copy



Concrete laying machines build the wall.


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2 Responses to Building the wall

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    These are superb. Can we talk about presentation as well tomorrow? ie, what you want to talk about / provoke with the project?

    • Emma Fraser says:

      Fun gadgetry!
      Yes definitely, archaeology of capture with regard to displacement etc and the armature and gadgets associated with providing a ‘home’ to the displaced objects. At first the objects themselves become the focus of the discussion and landscape, as the terrain builds and evolves and techniques of construction become more sophisticated and alien at which point the wall itself becomes an object of fascination, not simply an artefact of protection. I also think further discussion and thinking on the chosen contents of the collection after the grains and the ‘selection process’ if there is one would be useful.