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Members evening!


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Updates 22.06 9pm! + Wallpaper

Hello Helloooooo

Great news!

1. The conveyor belt is coming along sooooooooooooooooooo nice! Great job guys!
2. The rubber needs to be cut. cat left it in the Unit space. Anny and Nara will do this tomorrow and start attaching it to the conveyor belt and fireplace
3. Maridia is laser cutting/scoring the signs tomorrow morning then she is free to help
4. I am printing the wallpaper into strips of A1 wight and 4200mm long
5. 3 holes need to be drilled for the tv screens
6. the factory sign need to be designed and projected and coloured in once the wallpaper is on tomorrow
7. The intro for the factory need to be sent to the company to have it as a sticker
8. Olly is doing an amazing video for the dip9 pictures and then we need to edit our videos into three sections.
9. Anouk is doing the frame for the dip9 portrait

Here wallpaper strips to be printed out tomorrow!


Please post any news/ pictures of our MARVELLOUS EXHIBITION

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Wallpaper Design

Please let me know if someone feels that their drawings are not enough. the hoe in the middle is for the fireplace I left much less space so we can trim everything. I will export the strips asap, please let me know what you think. I till need to add some bits like Olly fb hands..

wallpaper2 black and white


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Project Review 22.06


1. White book and DIP9 book are going to be leaving soon for binding
2. Djordje and Sasha went to take the rubber from Pentonville Rubber
3. AA cards will be ready on Thursday and signs will be done today
4. The wallpaper is coming along, I will update it every hour so we can discuss it together. Once it is finished, it might be a good idea to have it all black and white, as this year most of the drawings are greyish. Then it would be looking like a real pattern with a huge writing FACTORY on the wall… we can play with it and see how it will look like.

5. We need to decide the colour of the FACTORY sign on the wall. Anny will go to leyland to take colours samples today
6. Conveyor belt NEEDS WORK ON! Djordje and Felix are doing it as soon Felix finishes printing his white book.
7. Three holes need to be cut out from the plywood wall for the TV. Sasha can do this.

Updates later! Here the is so heavy the pc crashed few times, now I am working on it in indesign and I will export the singular strips. There are 8 A1 strips to be printed. Tomorrow I will have a sample on canvas.


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Project Review 21.06

Thank you all for coming to school today! Great schedule for the next few days!!!!!

1. Finish conveyor belt + drill three holes into the plywood wall for the tvs. FELIX AND DJORDJE STARTING MONDAY MORNING
2. Update wallpaper design and if possible finish it I AM PERSONALLY POSTING IT LATER TONIGHT. SUPER DUPER HEAVY FILE!!!
4. Work on the Aurasma app CAT SET IT UP
7. The introduction text, vinyl on the wall? We can send it here: NATASHA PLEASE SEND THE TEXT AND CAT HAS ALREADY THE GUYS EMAIL.
8. AA membership cards to be printed MARIDIA IS DOING THIS ON MONDAY, ALL READY TO GO.
9. All white books AND the DIP9 book are ready to be hardbound! GREAT JOB ANOUK AND MIRU, THANK YOU!
10. The canvas roll is arriving on Monday as well, so we can try to print some bits of the wallpaper and see the quality of it.
11. Raw materials needed. We are to be clear on this:
The factory needs cement, sand, wood, charcoal, but as well small models, booklets from the first starting point of our re-con. The raw pile of material is out fist step in the production of our final products.
12. Video assemblage of dip9 unit life OLLY IS DOING ONE OF HIS SUPER REMIX.
13. Video assemblage of our project video TO BE APPOINTED LATER ON!

From tomorrow all the books will be done, so we will need help on the wallpaper and on the construction of the conveyor belt and on the pile of raw material…please let’s meet all together at 11.30am in the studio!

Thank you!!! See you tomorrow!

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Project Review 20.06

Dear All,

Few updates on the Project Review.

1. The walls are going to be up on Monday. We will have to drilling the holes for the tv screens on monday morning
2. All the white books + dip9 book will be handed in on Monday as well to be printed/binded
3. I am working this weekend on the wallpaper design, I will keep update the blog so please check and let me know what you want to change etc.
4. Maridia made the AA card tags and ordered few things which goes with it. She is back on MOnday and she will lasercut the signs as well.

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That’s it. Let’s do this project Review like this one!


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Project Review update 15.06

Dear all,

Few updates from the Project Review organization.

1.Joel left in the studio 3 small monitors, media players, mounts and powerleads which we can use! HUrray!
2. I will start immediately the drawing of the wallpaper with the tv screens location and send it to Lee. He said it should be no problem to build it.
3. I have received all drawings for the wallpaper, I am missing just Cat and Anny.
4. Eleonore sent the indesign file for the DIP9 book so Miru is taking care of that.
5. I think the white books as well are coming along.
6. Felix today did the frames for Cat, and tomorrow he is picking up the printed drawings for Oliver and Cat as well. (a massive thank you)

7. Tomorrow we could meet all together, after 5th year tutorial I guess to discuss further with Natasha any further updates..

Ciaoooooo! Good luck 5th yearssssss last days!!

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Dip9 Portrait on the way + custom wallpaper

dip9 portrait

I found out that Homebase does custom wallpaper and it would be £191 per wall. Here more info!

or £151 with wallpaperlinkhere, which we can order self adhesive too!

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Project Review 13.06

Quick update on the Project Review exhibition

Here is the plan and elevation:

Dip9_Exhibition elevation proposal

Dip9_Exhibition elevation

I sent the drawings to Lee and Sebastian from exhibition and Anita from facility. There should be no problem to let them built these two walls on both sides of the fireplace. I asked as well if we can cover the fireplace and paint it. I will have a response on Monday.

I asked Joel about the three tv screens hopefully it will be available.

Things to do and people doing it:

-wallpaper, which include collecting 15 drawings from each one of us, assembling the drawings, print on canvas/wallpaper, check for prices for this. (sabrina)

-Unit book, which include collecting materials from each one of us, layout the book, print it and bind it. (Miruna)

-Making of the conveyer belt, which include design, measure, buy the wood, construct it + shelves for the models attached to the wallpaper wall(Djordje and Felix), starting from Monday

-Dip9 life, which include collecting the materials from each of us, choose the selected images which will work in correspondence with the wallpaper landscape + the aurasma app (Maridia)

-Videos, we should start collecting videos as well, the people who has videos are below. Someone should take care of this whenever possible. Depending on the screens the videos will be divided into 3 parts or perhaps one big video. Then we will need to sort it out the editing bit. It should be something fast and painless.

1. Catarina, her factory
2. Anny, the drawings
3. Nara, the installations
4. Oliver, the office
5. Sabrina, the carmina burana
6. Felix, the opening box factory
7. Miruna, the animated drawing
8. Anouk, the website/marble DIY

-Whitebooks, reminder to finish the individual whitebook, which I suggest to bind in Store street, because if you print it at school then for £26 in a couple of days you have it back. People who need to finish this asap:

-DIP9 portrait, obviously not a must but I have started drawing our dip9 family picture. Obviously it is not urgent but if please you can send to me a picture of how you want to be represented it would be good to get going with it. I am missing portraits from just 3 people:

Thank youall. See you on Monday!

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Quote printing UNIT BOOK

Quotes for 400 pages total
paper 120/130gr



-Nevex Printing Centre



I will have responses on Monday.

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Dip9 Portrait!!!




Please do send me a portrait as soon as you can! Just Cat and Miru sent it. Thanks.

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Prices drawings wallpaper

Print on wallpaper:26£ per m2

I will ask at school tomorrow for the max printing size on canvas

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Project Review meeting 11.06

Great meeting today! We will have drawings/sketches tomorrow to show the various ideas, I will write everything which we discussed today if I forget something, please add it on the comment section. This is just our proposal, tomorrow we discuss anything to change/add etc.

1. The main idea is to have the large wall above the fireplace of one color which can be pink/gold or silver. We though silver was very Andy Warhol.. As a center piece there will be the Dip9 portrait. On top of the fireplace, we can have small models, like Miruna’s soup and frames with our pictures etc

2. On both sides of the fireplace, the whole walls will be covered with a full landscape of drawings. We are collecting in the

DROPBOX folder 15 drawings for each person. Please upload the drawings in the size you wish to have it printed, we created a small/medium/large folders in the dropbox main folder.

I am checking prices for a possible print on canvas, on normal paper from the plotter and from the wallpaper company. These drawings will be available then, with the aurasma app to become alive.

3. These drawings will be printed the same size of those walls, Anouk is measuring the room still but there will be hanged from the ceiling running until the pavement. There are going to be cut out for the screens to be embedded behind the wallpapers. I sent an email to Joel, asking for 3 small screens, a projector for Nara, but we will have a confirmation tomorrow as today he is taken by tables.

4. We counted we have videos from: Felix, Cat, Anny,Oliver, Nara, Sabrina,Miruna. 8 videos. If we have 3 screens we could share the videos between these screens otherwise if we are left just with one screen we will have to have one long video looping.

5. For the books and models, we would like to have plinths, max 8/10 where we can have the books, Felix factory/house, Anouk marble plinth,Maridia white scales models, cat glycerin columns, Sabrina mirror drawings, Miru crashed buildings, baby jesus…. eheheh ok no. Then perhaps, we were thinking to have Miru endless folding paper machine, which can scroll down our dip9 bible book.

For now this is all. We will be ready tomorrow with time schedule, book binding, costs and sketches in order to discuss everything. I am in touch with DIP5 waiting for their plan and Djordje is talking with dip17 to avoid any dividing walls..

See you tomorrow!

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Presentation text and final video

The factory film

Text presentation

Guys remember to upload the work for the Project Review website!!

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Brainstorming for Project Review

We have been talking a little bit about Project Review. This is just to write here any possible ideas for the exhibition. As I was at school with Cat and Anouk we though of something which I will just re-write here. I do believe we will have a chat all together with Natasha on friday as well but until then we can think of any possible elements which we want to include in the space.

So our space is the room next to the bar. We have a third of the space sharing with DIP17 and DIP5.

First at all, attached there is a plan of the diploma/inter spaces.

Space Allocations 2015

Second, I got in contact with some of the students asking for their plan as we would like to avoid having walls.

Then,here a quick sketch from today brainstorming:


We were thinking first at all to have the fireplace covered in gold. Then on top a dip9 portrait, which We talked about today on the whatsup group. Pease send me pictures whenever you can. It would come very very veery vereeery nice.

Then a shelf around the window and continuing throughout the room where we can place our books.

Nara, it would be nice to have a sunny window/door permanent installation on the floor.

The whole wall could be covered with drawings/pictures/fragments which then, with the Aurasma app can become alive.
The small wall as soon that you enter on the right can be used for screens where to show the videos.

For now, I talked to Joel and I booked a screen with a recorder. If we will decide at the end to go for a smaller version or 15” attached to the wall etc, we will need to ask him asap.

Finally, please start collecting pictures and videos in a PROJECT REVIEW folder and I made some space as well through dropbox:

Once again, it is just to get the inspirations/ideas going for friday ok? and remember!

And…I wish to get this going as well…ehhehehe

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San Rocco call for papers!

I think we SHOULD ALL participate in !this

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Project Review!!!

Hello lovely 4th yearsssss,

Just a reminder as discussed today… Please start looking for as much collective work as possible in a DIP9 folder, if we can all divide from videos to pictures already it would be good! Anything which it seems suitable to show for the Project Preview.

I am creating a dropbox folder so we can upload it there!

Until Friday…….Have a lovely evening!

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1400 words.

Factory Pate’-the machine of authentication

The factory examines architectural production. Architecture as a discipline is strictly dictated by individual authorship. Although, we have always been taught to collaborate and exchange ideas, in the architectural environment there is always been a strong emphasis on what is it that you made. What is yours?
Even though we can most definitely argue that culture within arts and architecture has always been based on the action of copying as a precursory to creation. We are cemented with a primitive idea of what a copy is, misusing the term between forgery/imitation/appropriation. Although the project is not concerning a direct extract of the original translated into a different context. What the factory is searching for is for works in which there is no certainty in what we can call the original, the first. Because, honestly. It does not matter. As in Baudelaire’s fleur du mal, or the codex seraphinianus, which clearly re appropriate Mexican myths. So it is a case, as for the Torso Belvedere, in which it is not just on which copy is, but the inter-relation between branches, with Delacroix. Pollock tracing Picasso crucifixion. Or when groups are formed, and the style becomes one, but the many involved are just forgotten in name of just one member as Sottsass.
Copies and intellectual property is a very current issue today. Every day we are bombarded with messages that try to teach you how to be original. We are guided by copyright that determine percentages of what and how much of it you can use. To what extent we can limit from using the same musical note? To what extent are we constrained from using a single architectural element?
Everyone is looking for the real thing. What is this real thing? How do we create?
Rauschenberg created by erasing. Rauschenberg erasing de kooning is the starting point of this project. This is not just the proof that a copy can become the real thing but as well that the process of appropriating the original can be an authentic action. It is a true moment of originality. So the project shift from a concept of the singular “original” into the moment, the action as a point of departure.
I am interested in this action of appropriation which imply an action of copying and erasure. Authenticity is real. Originality does not exist. Pure creation does not exist.
Authenticity is an action which need to be implemented in the architectural discourse. What we have today is the figure of the architect which do not want to acknowledge the many others involved in the project. My factory lives and dies by its transparency from start to finish. Transparency on who I use, I quote and the methodology on how I assemble the final product. The project is a continuous action of appropriation and I become the aggregator of this.
The architect is the aggregator, a bricoleur, someone who works with its hands. who assembles ideas from found objects from whatever it is at hands. From which the word bricolage comes from. As Colin Rowe describe in his collage city: the bricoleur addresses himself to a collection of oddments left over from human endeavours. In this way the bricoleur assemble a cartography of different fragments, creating the factory which is both the place of production and its outcome.
The factory is made through an assembling line:
What does the architect aggregate then? The excess of architectural production allows us to appropriate almost everything we want. From the google search, to the library, to the AA honours. As for Rauschenberg, the selected fragment is a very careful piece to choose. As it is at the same time what we can call an aggressive homage to the author, taking its drawing and erasing it. It is a careful selection which need to be made by the architect herself.
This project calls for a form of collaboration which make space for exchange fragments. Architecture would benefit from becoming part of a broader shared knowledge and practice. Where projects would be free to be seen and used by anyone. Every time the project evolves, and it is presented, you are not just reconstructing the originals, you are keeping alive their previous life significance and authors. It is a well an action which prevent the work to end up in an archive. You become the ballad singer of architecture.
My architectural language is made through sampling. I advocate for a modus operandi based on sampling as architectural production. Architecture is about “ taking a portion” more specifically a 5% allowance for academic studies. In this way, 5% of fragments can now be yours. The pieces, the patterns are stripped bare from their environment, becoming part of an active action. –VIDEO
In the action of taking and inserting new fragments it is giving shape to the factory which slowly builds itself up. It is a slow process of construction, which increases with more and more people joining. It is not a singular process but a collective assembling line. The factory becomes a didactic instrument. Sampling as a concert of different voices, in which the factory/the city becomes as a benevolent source of random but carefully selected information, supremely conscientious profusion of references.
The figure of the architect today, is in contraposition with this collective way of producing architecture that the project put forward. The architect is usually seen as a single individual working in his studio but authentic projects rely on a debris of collusive fields, it is a coagulation of things, conversations and collaborations. One of the most important moment of exchange, the interviews, where the many are folded into the project. Here participation, voluntary or involuntary becomes a critical interchange moment. It is offering a highly energetic scaffold for debate/discussions.

The interviews are just one moment of authenticity in this factory process. These mirror drawings are re-enacting a remarkable quality which is present in renaissance/baroque paintings and completely absent in modern works. As the appearance of the painter and the artist is shown to us in the work itself. When you look into these drawings, the future unfolds endlessly, showing your own input in the factory and a mix of its unspeakable past. In this way, the many are integrated into the space as viewers and as active participants.
If art is a mirror of life, I am the mirror maker. The factory becomes a self portrait of many. The project is proposing the construction of your own identity through others. The factory here is a machine of authentication, which need to copy and appropriate in order to work. All of us can keep the machine alive.
These drawings depends upon the complexity of its parts, which collectively may not only check each other but protect the individual in this collectivism. The factory becomes a symbol of fraternal order, a grouping of the equal and likeminded, which collectively assumes the power to negotiate its freedoms.

The factory becomes a dialectic between past and future, of an impacting of iconographic content, of a temporal as well as a spatial collision. When looking at the factory you should not ask yourself what is true and what is false? What is antique and what is new? If we stop thinking which is the most real (copy or assemblage) we find ourselves moving from aesthetic to metaphysical contemplation. For what it seems most real is most false and what seems most remote it is perhaps the most real since it is least an imitation.
In this way the project is not showing. It is doing. It execute the truth of architectural production. Design with beauty, build in truth. I do believe in this.
In this architectural approach the project need to be an instrument of liberation from the rules which are set now. The factory is a catalyst for the exploration of originality, authorship, image culture. The factory consuming anything as a loose score to be enacted, with supreme irony as well.
The factory becomes a part of something bigger, where I am establishing the cultural ground for a new way of producing architecture. Having established architecture as a performance proceeding via the ceaseless interaction of affirmation and contradiction and since we are immersed in its action, then the best we can do is to understand it. In fact freedom imposes the enterprise, and if it is only through the activity of the historical consciousness that we as captives of this freedom, can know the substance of things then it must also be in terms of this consciousness that liberty defines itself.

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Into presentation!

Additional few examples of copies/appropriations Factory paté

I will pick up the second volume of the factory. Then rehearsal!

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What about this Maridia?!






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New version of the film + things to do!

Here is the new version of the animation The factory

I will pick up the books tomorrow and prepare the speech, make sure models are all good and rehearsal!
I will edit the video a bit more perhaps, but I want to know the presentation by earth and also ready some bits to end the tables with a question in order to start the discussion.

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Carmina Burana vibe-update!

Please bear with me I am trying to upload the updated version of the film!

Please let me know what you think of the animation. Too slow? Too fast? Not clear… it is a first draft need to add few things still and editing some poor quality footage..

The animation is long 2.00 mins. If you then scroll down to min. 2.30 there is the bit which I do not know if I can include it or not…what do you think?

The factory is alive!

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Film editing + cool book reference for everyone!

This book seems cool. Very DIP9

The Carmina Burana animation looks even coooooooler. :)

Goodnight and I will upload some bits tomorrow!

Re-writing of the speech on Sunday + rehearsal

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First step-from pictures to movie

movie editing

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….film animation

So I manage to find another place and they will have my full bleed book printed for monday evening. halleluja.

So I have:

1. white books, one square patterns + one full bleed drawings of factory
3. mirror model
5.videos into the making of the factory
6. final video

I will work on presentation tonight after 10pm. Until now I will keep editing the animation.

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Book done- now into film animation!

This is hard. I am still trying to figure it out cameras and stuff.
I have a new making movie though, will show you on friday. I would like to work on this animation until the end to get it right. Let’s see what it comes out of it.


Can you see it here?

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FOR MARIDIA… Wes + Shining

Amazing bits and pieces

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Turnitin is chasing me!

white book7.8png

white book10

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White book- binding tomorrow!-new spreads look closer!

So here the white book. All my text is at the beginning. All the images/work is fitted into square. More boring than this I am dying. It feels a mix between DIP1/DIP14, which I do not belong to..

Here some spreads. I want to have it printed tomorrow and binded. I am looking on how to make this animation of the factory in the meanwhile… GUYS WHAT DO YOU THINK OF IT???

white book6

white book7

white book8png

Personally it is extremely painful to see it.

white book

white book2

white book3

white book4

white book5

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9th June-things to do-New morning update!

white book




The most tragic, monotonous, deadly dull, uninteresting, unexciting moments in Architecture which will be included in my presentation. Moreover, I am recording the making of the White book. An endless fitting in to box action. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E.

Here the list of things to do for the 9th. I am at 2pm.


-White book(working on it at the moment)
-Factory film animation
-Work on presentation. A presentation which embody my thesis.

I am thinking how to do this and here there are two main options available:

Option 1:

-Have all my work on the table.ì, exactly as we did it for the DIP9 picture. It is not important to have an order of the project as what I am interested is having a full table of originality. This instead, is opposition with the presentation. I could present it in a very tedious and not interesting way. This, as said in the feedback, will revert the audience’s attention, and provoke a reaction. But which reaction? Need to think properly about this.

Option 2:

– Catalogue all my work as the patterns book. Where the format will constrain the project, becoming the product of that line of production which make everything the same. My work, if fitted into box. Would it have the same strength?

What I want to underline is as well the approximation of working.

Sturtevant was a very good reference, as she began “repeating” the works of her contemporaries in 1964, using some of the most iconic artworks of her generation as a source and catalyst for the exploration of originality, authorship, and the interior structures of art and image culture.
This project will not be a simple exercise in proto-appropriation. But I need perhaps to explain the fact that I am interested in the medium which I am using. What “Sturtevant is better understood as an artist who adopted style as her medium and took the art of her time as a loose “score” to be enacted.”

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Jury Feedback

What is next?
Where is the video?
Should you become the fraud squad?
Stripping vs appropriation
Not sure where you situate yourself
They emerge out of the original piece
Are you searching for original work(to make)
Opportunity to provoke isn’t quite where it should be. We need a reaction of the person chasing you.
You are all living the crisis of what it means to produce a project in 2015, in this school.
We are in a purgatory of post post conditions
You are obsessed with pointing out myths of originality, but you are obsessed with being interesting and original.
Elaine Sturtevant: copying Duchamp/permission truly deadpan………………….? What?

Your performance is too interesting-not boring enough
Google vomit-how do search engines rewrite our brains
Any notion of originality or being interesting is obliterated by the sheer quantity of stuff
Or it presented like sam’s copy machine project-with a sense of ennui (new word for me!)
Paul’s boutique everything is on the table everything is possible!

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Just found the title of my project:

Factory Paté. An orgy of construction.

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The factory axo!

Well.. I was very happy until I realized I am missing one more drawing.
So I will have to start this new one and then assemble presentation. Everything will be on screen. Models on the table and factory elements and axo on the table as well.


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You can choose-update!




you can choose

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Map2 on the way


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Getting ready!

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Catacombs + new drawings UPDATE!

drawing 1



Working on the axo of the factory and its elements. Two different drawings. Need to add the catacombs into the main map of the factory. Make these two beautiful maps/paitings. Then write all the speech, send it to Natasha, dress well and present it amazingly.

p.s. Could I be on Friday to shoot the photo of my work please? I will be away on Monday. I would like to add a dubsmash but I will hold myself until the 10th of June.

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Plan of the factory + fragments-AXO PLAN!!!

List to do for Friday:

-On screen Presentation
-film animation of the model
-canvas/stamps/models on the table

well..not really a plan of the factory- But it is going to be a folding map.



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Ready to assemble the factory plan




ahem. The only comment is this: I AM LATE ON SCHEDULE.

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Last drawing before Film editing






Still work in progress. These drawings will be coupled with the plan of the factory. It works as a duet. Duet? anyway. two. two by two. ok you got it.

Then film. Then presentation. Then, big time.

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so…Bob was using ducks… A massive duck!


ahahhahahah ok. that’s enough. back to work.

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The discovery of Colin Rowe

Colin Rowe-Collage city

A performance proceeding via the ceaseless interaction of affirmation and contradiction and since we are immersed in its action, then the best we can do is to understand it. In fact freedom imposes the enterprise, and if it is only through the activity of the historical consciousness that we as captives of this freedom, can know the substance of things then it must also be in terms of this consciousness that liberty defines itself. Though, whatever this liberty may be, it is still faced with yielding even when achieved to the endless prospect of emerging and self-developing constellations of particulars, all of them equipped with reason and spirit and all of them insisting on accommodation. –HEGEL

The art of memory of Frances yates speaks of gothic cathedrals as mnemonic devices. The bible and the encyclopaedias of both illiterate and the literate, these buildings were intended to articulate thought by assisting recollection. The building as a theatre of prophecy, the building as a theatre of memory.
Why should we be obliged to prefer a nostalgia for the future to that for the past? Could not the model city which we carry in our minds allow for our known psychological constitution? Could not this ideal city at one and the same ime behave quite explicitly as both the theatre of prophecy and a theatre of memory?
Predicament of texture
The building is a collective structure urbanistically is far more active-the Uffizi may be seen as reconciling themes of self conscious order and spontaneous randomness. It proclaim the building as a value upon both the new and old.
This world is to be considered not only as habitable poché but as a urban room, perhaps one of many.; and to consider then a number of towers, current specification-smooth, bumpy with or without entrails, whatever to be located as urban furniture, perhaps inside the room and some outside. A single substance made of compounded heterogenous elements.
Collision city and the politics of bricolage
…If I have last wish is that a higher and indestructible bond of the beautiful and the true may have been tied which will keep us forever firmly united. –hegel.
The city became hypothesized as a condition of complete holistic and novel continuity, the result of scientific findings and a completely glad human collaboration. A combination of scientism and moral enthusiasm.
One could fear that the architect as bricoleur is, today almost too enticing a programme, which might guarantee formalism, ad hocery, townscape, pastiche, populism and almost whatever else one chooses to name. but.. the savage mind of the bricoleur! The domesticated mind of the engineer/scientist! The interaction of these two conditions! The artist/architect as both something of a bricoleur and something of a scientist!

Levi strauss bricolage-ref
Example of collusive fields and interstitial debris. It is not an idiosyncratic coagulation of things, or even if it is. It demand to be exploited, in offering a highly energetic scaffold for debate/discussions.
The open society depends upon the complexity of its parts, which collectively may not only check each other but protect the individual in this collectivism. The society becomes a symbol of fraternal order, a grouping of the equal and likeminded, which collectively assumes the power to negotiate its freedoms.
The factory becomes a didactic instrument. The factory as museum, as a positive concert of culture, and educational purpose, the city as a benevolent source of random but carefully selected information, supremely conscientious profusion of references. The city was to some degree, to become a sort of habitable exhibition, a collection of permanent reminders which were to edify both the resident and the visitor.

The factory becomes a dialectic between past and future, of an impacting of iconographic content, of a temporal as well as a spatial collision. When looking at the factory you should ask what is true and what is false? What is antique and what is new? The problem here is to define what collage is. Collage and the architect’s conscience, collage as technique and collage as state of mind.

If we stop thinking which is the most real (copy or assemblage) we find ourselves moving from aesthetic to metaphysical contemplation. For what it seems most real is most false and what seems most remote it is perhaps the most real since it is least an imitation.

Objects and episodes are obtrusively imported and while they retain the overtones of their source and origin, they gain also a wholly new impact from their changed context. For collage, often a method of paying attention to the left overs of the world, of preserving their integrity and equipping them with dignit, of compounding matter of factness and celebrality, as a convention and a breach of convention, necessarily operates unexpectedly. Collage accommodates both hybrid display and the requirements of self-determination.

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For Nara!

I found him: Nathaniel Rackowe

He exhibit in Art15 this year. I do not know if you already know him…but have a look at his installations:
reflection on space,consequence of light and large scale installation platonic spin!


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Hi Olly.

hi olly

Need to finish this model asap.

New views. Almost there. I should have start this when Natasha asked me where is the room? AKA March 2015.



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DIP9 Projects review

Grand Tour In Search of Soane (after Gandy) by Emily Allchurch. Credit -®Emily Allchurch

I know John Soane is a very old inspiration now. But I liked the picture. Morehere!

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Collecting wanna-be-originals

I am just quickly collecting the material which I see everyday, from magazine, advertising, books etc in order to make the presentation and show to the audience that originality is still very contemporary.

Today example from Art tribune







Be Original vetrine_05











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Sorting out model pictures-details






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Evening update-midnight update!

I think the most important evening update is that my father is coming to London. Help me.

The second important evening update is that the factory is coming along….nicely.




Come my faithful believers…come over..the Mass is about to begin… I have to admit I changed the entrance, I am not sure about this. But I cleaned all the space to have a smooth line where my ANIMA people could go and copy around without getting stuck between a doric column and a xerox. This is just poetry guys. I would like to finish the 3d model tomorrow MAXXXX and on friday talk about the shooting of the film/animation.




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New book + Anima crowd animation download

The art of forgery

In the meanwhile I am playing around with this ANIMA software which I would like to animate all these people copying at the same time. Hilarious. I luuuuuv it. LEt’s see what comes out of it.

p.s. Hi Maridia. :))))

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You want to be used, not to end in an archive.

THe right soundtrack for this moment!




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The altar of the xerox

So I re made everything that I lost today. eheheh and that made me realize that i could work much faster and that I love chatting too much in studio perhaps. Distractionssss

Now, I have been downloading the soundtrac for the animation.

It will not be rendered. One because I would not know where to start and I have no time. Secondly, because it is raw. and I like that. It is going to be a rhino model. I am going to walk you through the rhino model then, in a much more spectacular way though.

I am thinking that this song as well fit the drawings. I would like to have this soundtrack with quick images on the drawings, where the people are chatting, talking about models, discussing, revolting. I would like to finish the factory and then start planning this film. Not much time.

or maybe I will just go with this carmina burana remix!!!

the altar of the xerox

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For Anouk. How I read your BEAUTIFUL project

The factory is a machinery room where the architect decides the distinction between context and format. He is the orchestrator who can define a project and make it fail or make it a sensational project.


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Eugenie’s kitchen in a church in Waco I guess…

eugenie's kitchen in a church in waco

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..Did I already say that I love him?

The best inspiration for my factory

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I can see…..a Factory!!!-carmina burana film coming out




A mix between the Prada Foundation/Sesc Pompeia and Aldo Rossi’s architecture of the city.

LAST UPDATE: Filming the factory with carmina burana as a factory. Me, felix and Cat are excited about this like nothing else!

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Good reading!-Aldo rossi is helping me out.

Ekphrasis and a Dynamic Mysticism in Art:
Reflections on Henri Bergson’s Philosophy
and Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas

Ekphrasis and a Dynamic Mysticism in Art


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Happy birthday Cat.

THis present is just for you!

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Nathalie du Pasquier bits and pieces of conversation

Fist at all I have to admit that I sent her an email a while ago telling her I loved her and I was excited to be at her lecture and be able to meet and that we could start an amazing project together etc. Then, she answered me that the lecture was going to be the 14th of May and not the 4th of May, so I came to her today, presenting myself and we had a nice and quick chat about this poetic of arranging, this pile of stuff which she like to assemble.

Seems congenial to my project as well so here few notes which I took from the lecture of today..

Rhetoric of object placement
conversation and awkwardness
arranging things, taking care of small aspects of staging a project.
relationships between objects and ideas.
identity of the image with a text. conversation between things.
install drawings in a order which make sense to me (my own thought…have all the drawings in a box)
every assemblage is a portrait and every portrait is a self portrait I AM NOT EVEN JOKING, MIRU CAN CONFIRM THIS!

every construction is a work of thesis.

What I found extremely nice, it was her natural way of presenting her work. Her honesty, her ironic side and perhaps her very simple language to show you what she did. Her different phases, which are dictated by boredom or tiredness and deciding to try something new.

I likes this very much and I hope to reach a calm in my project, where everything is explained simply but it allows you to imagine the project in different ways, depending from who is reading my project.

….and apart from all this flying around, I am onto this plan. promise.

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not losing hope

Something will come out. soon. very soon.

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o dio miooooo this plan.

round table

Slightly frustrated. I will keep doing this plan of the factory but it is just taking me ages to sort it out order if there is any, and anyway…. arghhh.

jauebdldjshabalspfndf/a> kajsheo
sjjajjjeodovyrbe smakalflfoepa

djhegbwnajvuf dhhjampqèèqòòam and sjwenw ald.

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Into the factory plan-update!


into action1

into action2I am staying at home to have my whole floor available for me to add, move, cut etc my factory plan. It is hard because I do not want to be literal with my fragments but experiment with both the visual and the symbolic meaning of each stage. I will update later if something comes out of it.


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Words helping me out.

…………..” The building process was as much a performance as the final event itself.
– but in both their approach to materials and the collaborative process by which their projects come about, they transcend the norms of architectural practice. They can be so much more astute and direct than the rest of us, who are loaded with the language of obfuscation and meaning with which architectural education indoctrinates you.”

and finally!:
the dinner drawing

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From now on-morning reading!


First at all I would like to say that from now on I will look like this and please if someone will just not see me with this big smile, I can advise from now to beat me.

Then, I started collecting my works and I am using Charles’s method. In my case small tabs:

which can actually be:

I would like to write here the table of contents which I found from my early stages:

On originality
When is something original
The concept of cheating
The methodology of tracing
The archive of copies
The architect as a collector
The product
Assembling the image

On originality
The concept of cheating
who is robert wilson
the archive of copies
the props
real vs fiction
found in translation
in praise of profanation
sleight of hands
the role of the architect
choreographing the stage set
the assembling line

I would like to work on the table of content and assembling the work within the new categories in order to work on the plan of the factory and its conclusion.



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Writing and re-writing…ting….ing..

The machine of authentication
A factory of architectural originality

Architecture is shown to us through 2d images representing spaces/buildings within the same textures and patterns of sameness. My factory is using those images, appropriating fragments of these 2d realities and transforming those in something original. The factory act as a volcano of architectural products which becomes highly personal, yet made by the same products. At the same time, the factory can become a machine, where the viewer is the spectator of this assemblage, the factory is showing from the outside how the architectural sameness can be become individual with your action towards the machine. You are able to take part in the line of production through their own individual pieces.

The architectural production is in the action of converting the same author into a multitude of original projects.
originality happened once in art when rauschenberg erased the kooning. You are presented the first time of originality in architecture with the machine of authentication.

Main concepts involved:

proliferation of sameness and authorship vs a personal-collective identity
assemblage and appropriation of copies as a tool to create originals
factory creating architectural products transformed in value
Fighting the architectural environment from the inside, using their images/their products but through the line of production decomposing and stripping away their aesthetic/context and creating a production where all the others can intervene.
the aim is not to stop producing, it is to change the production into a cultural movement. the factory holds the 2d images as an archive and redistributes them to be used by others.


how the mechanism of the factory works?
how the others intervene in the process?

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Getting ready for the 26th

Although I will not post anything exciting. I am very happy about these 2 days of just reflection on the project.

I would like to have at the end of the week:

-thesis with a tiny bit of vapour reaching
-white book first draft
-first draft of the possible factory/views/manual how to use it

I wish to have everything in place to be able to work on this machine for the last month. Editing/amending/changing views/adding layers/growing in height.

Let’s have a good productive but slowly week of good quality vapour and chess pieces.

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Jim Carrey website morning awake! + tut Manolis


I found this world quite entertaining!

I just finished the tutorial with Manolis, I am amending my 400 words and I am presenting at the moment two drawings out of the 5.



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400 words never ending.

Ok guys. THis has been hard. I hope you can help me out here..


Today we deal with architecture as a representation of architecture. Architecture is portrayed as an infinite reproduction of repetitive models which has been consolidated through this last century. Architecture is represented through highly curated images, updated in real time from all around the globe on different platforms online. The thousands of fragmented images are stripped by its original geographical and cultural context, suggesting an overly simplified reading based purely on the name of the author who produced the project and its aesthetical details to grab your attention for no more than half of a second.

In this proliferation of architectural images, the question of authorship is a central debate. Making the architectural project the product of a singular person instead of the work of a collective. Architecture lose its value, becoming a fetishized hymn to the single person, in which is not possible to define the authenticity of a project but just few images which represent the project itself.

This process of architectural production need to be reformulated in order to re-gain architectural and personal identity in the architectural environment, within the architectural sameness. This is possible through a factory which teaches you how to create authentic projects through copying.

I propose a modus operandi based on the appropriation of these fragments, creating products through an assembly line constructed by the copies of others. Through the selection, use and the methodology of tracing these fragments, you are authenticating yourself. The final products incorporates the various authors from which you have copied, creating a collection chain where the work is absolutely yours, yet of a thousand others. Every final result will have its own individuality despite it is made by a collective of authors. Here the dichotomy of the factory.

The factory act first at all as a place of production, as a non-stop engine, a volcano of architectural products in continuous flow with no beginning nor end. But as well, the factory is an encapsulated machine in which the viewer is the spectator of this assemblage, it is possible to watch this everlasting process or decide to take part in it.

The factory comes with a manual, how to deal with original images, how to convert them, how to copy them. The factory is a platform to change how we approach architectural production, and how to change the architectural culture of today. How to make the project be recognized and signed as yours and thousands of others.

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Reaching the vapour! -Getting ready for Monday’s tutorial

Writing the 400 words and probably reaching the vapour thanks to my friend Arthur. “The World as Will and Representation”. vielen dank.

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It seems the same picture-Mantova ref

Although it seems exactly the same picture of this morning. I have been cutting all day long. It is still divided but it will help me focus on one space which I will produce this weekend I guess.



This is one of the good reference to visualize the aim:

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Honours in space-11pm update

honours 3d

honours 3d

All this making 3d is helping me to sort it out a possible assemblage for THE ROOM. not all the efforts are lost in this attempt. Tomorrow morning early lasercut and into the making!

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Last room- get going with the bigger picture ONE SPACE

views plus mirror

views plus mirror

insertion of mirrors needed as soon as possible. one space needed as soon as possbile. APeritivo time. 30 mins break and then new exciting updates!

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4 rooms for now!-4pm update



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Making the 3d-ready to lasercut

I am still constructing the 3d of the rooms in order to make it 2d in views for the drawing and as well flat for the lasercut. I will use random pieces of wood/scrap materials which I will find at school. I have a clear image of how this model will look like.

The Prada foundation is a good reference for this collision of different rooms together I think. I would just like to underline that the main exhibition shown was on COPIES-APPROPRIATION-IMITATION



20150506_134436_resized (1)





2015-03-29 Prada 0



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11pm update!-

Balkan energy

detail model

detail model2

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Long night project MODE ON!- 9.45pm update

long night2a long nightassembling 1

long night2

I would like to finish the 2d lines for tonight so I can start modelling the 3d tomorrow and make a model on thursday morning!

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Princess and its kingdom on its head









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morning update!



See you this afternoon!

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11pm update!

Still a work in progress.. but each number one assemblage. Soon plan and 3d!









and obviously.. soundtrack of the night!

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Into splitting to create one space- 9pm UPDATE

Starting the plan of the rooms/combinations. I would like to have a 3d model as seen in the video of Adam “The roman singularity”

roomint0a room




splittin4References which I am going to use as soon as I finish to assemble some fragments.






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Soundtrack of the day- Cat might be interesting for you as well!

Pistoletto smashing mirrors

Meanwhile, the 17th-century realist painter Caravaggio was rediscovered – and a young artist called Michelangelo Pistoletto started to appropriate mirrors, painting directly on to their surfaces…

For Cat: “To make a self-portrait, the artist always needed a mirror. I was looking at my identity: who I am, what I am doing. I needed the mirror to see myself and then realised, little by little, that the mirror itself was what I was looking for.”
While the noose stays as it is, fixed within the frame, the world moves and changes in the rest of the surface, as time passes and light varies. “What we see in the mirror cannot be falsified,” he says.

Walking among such works, on a floor devoted to his art, is like being confronted with an almost unbearable reality. I feel acutely self-conscious and challenged, as my reflected self briefly passes through images of a car, a woman with a camera, and a crowd of people. “There is no limit to the reflection of the mirror,” he says.

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yes…doing a TS last drawing! + Cat…the app does not work for me:(!

ts last drawing

Back to studio soon!

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Morning update- Part II

As I just think I am working way too slow. Guys. Apologies about this, but I will post every 2 hours from now until the 26th of May: FINAL JURYYYYY!







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This is the end. Let’s start again.


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