5 post-jury points

01. Keep the Foundations
This is contrary to what was said at the crit, but valuable overall for my arguing of the datum being contextual / a sort of zeitgeist guide as well as a physical datum.

02. Turning Palmesino’s comment of a straight line drawn on a map being different to a straight line traced on the globe into one of the key features of the project. Anny suggested to speak of the three realms of the project as – a. paper b. map c. territory

03. Refer to the loop closing in on itself and what that means in terms of reading / writing / time

04. I am ultimately describing a new way of seeing context in section and not in plan and I think the key to explaining the project lies in the sectional relationship between studio / context.

05. Why is it relevant to talk about ‘place-making’ now?

More to come…

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