Architecture is never finished, only abandoned

oliver-plan002 copy

Contents (from top-left, clockwise, sort of):

– Slowly flowing liquid office
– Linear flowing liquid office
– Presentation amphitheatre
– Explosive linear pipeline office
– Various elevators
– Funicular tables
– Central panopticon office (for the elite)
– The slowly disappearing trashed drawings hole
– Sketch models converging into a master presentation model
– Oblique wall
– Stairs for recreation (trampolining into better architecture)
– The office hole digging into the centre of the Earth
– Crashed office skyscraper
– Slingshot intercommunication building
– Daredevil barrel drawing transmission device
– Magnetic hovering superconductive office
– Crashed office zeppelin
– Parachuted office furniture
– Office furniture ski jumping testing ground
– Testing ground of floors
– Crashed balloon (from my 3rd year project)
– Trashed models silo
– Models thrown down a slope (to give Gehry-shapes)
– Hovering helicopter office cubicles
– Retrofitted escape slide from the master office
– Artificial mountain
– Ladder office (literal office hierarchy)
– Launch pad for interstellar office modules
– Office pyramids (the most heavy building I could think of)
– Escape slope with artificial snow (James Bond-style)
– Square office with round tables (radical!)
– Ladder factory facility

Have fun finding them all.

It ought to be said that I don’t imagine this plan as the definitive plan of the factory. It is an in-process plan – an attempt to mimic and illustrate a process of production – and hence the plan is a plan of possibilities. My final project could be any of these dumb gravity-induced ideas.

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2 Responses to Architecture is never finished, only abandoned

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Can there be a separate drawing – or one drawn on top in another colour that tracks the process through the assembly line? Perhaps something that shapes the route your ‘product’ takes?

    • Oliver Pershav says:

      I have something like that in mind, something simple (i.e. doable within a day). Will post later.