Archidonkeys WIP_any ideas for Steve jobs?

any ideas for the rest are welcome! – lubetkin and the penguins ,steve jobs and the mouse? With lubetkin I want to talk about the podium. With Steve Jobs about creating an extension of the body into a different realm? not sure… My ideas are to literal so shoot whatever u got!

1. “Philip Johnson builds a house in which to die.”

pj death 1


pj death 5


pj death 2


PJ death


2. “Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists at the 1968 Mexico Olympics medla ceremony”.







Not sure if I’m going about it the ‘right’ way… but I am taking each grains’ sentence and creating a 2-sided ( or is it 3?) drawing. drawings1

For each one I am thinking of how the sentence relates to the image I select for it as well as the transformation it leads to.

I am wrapping my head around articulating my argument. How the ‘state of uncertainty’ defines the future and past of a project and establishes a set of relations and contexts which allows us (the viewer) to engage and adjust to it.

If I am talking about projection or prediction ( might be a better word) then I think the archidonkey model should later on reveal a prediction/ speculation it was making which allows the audience ( jury) to read a later piece or part of my project.

does that make sense? – so the model prepares the audience and gives hints which allow you to understand something that you see later on it the presentation.  Those hints and predictions from the model should be acknowledged when the later piece is revealed.

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4 Responses to Archidonkeys WIP_any ideas for Steve jobs?

  1. Amar Mehta says:

    i dig it! they look great!

  2. can you write the full two phrases please? it looks very interesting

    • Miruna Mazilu says:

      I have one for steve jobs. :D
      The lubetkin sentence is : ” Lubetkin’s career started with a pool for penguins and a house for gorillas at London Zoo”