Another day at the table of the omni-architect …


If the office has become a factory, if the problems of the office are immaterial, if many of these problems rely on fixed perspectives, can we not literally and organisationally change this perspective altogether? This I call the great switch.

What if, for instance, the principal partner in the office had to switch work with the intern making models part of his time? And what if the intern took on the responsibility of running the office in the meantime? Everything would go with it: responsibility, skill, pay, spare time, connections, interactions with clients, consultants and other staff, and so on and so forth.

The architect thus becomes a sort of shapeshifter, and this shifting is taking place at the same site: the office table. It is anyone’s table, Everyman’s table, and on this table lies new experiences as well as ones already experienced. This is a table where we can be both hedgehogs and foxes all day long, indeed, it is the office which demands it from us.

This will be a narrated animation/film. 2 mins max. The camera will move from piece to piece, explaining/detailing them. I want to add the pods as well, but not sure how, why and where.

THE MAIN POINT: that if the office is to change, we have to be willing to change our roles – literally – in the office. That means that the office space becomes the VEHICLE of the architect’s many identities, the road that he travels.

The Great Switch:
between the partner and the intern
between the technical and the conceptual
between the model maker and the renderer
between the businessman and the unit tutor
between the team-player and the individualist
between the teacher and the student
between the secretary and the chef
between the men and the women
between the young and the old.

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3 Responses to Another day at the table of the omni-architect …

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    So arew you going to animate this table? I have to admit though that I imagine the table of the hedgehogs and foxes different… I do not know. this does not convince me totally… it might be just the layout not the elements perhaps.

    • Oliver Pershav says:

      this is just the table in its end result, i.e. all the stuff thrown in. the animation will make it happen with hands and stuff, references sliding in and out, organisation can be swapped, hierarchical, messy, clean, etc. /

  2. Anouk Ahlborn says:

    I love little Oli on iphone!