Anatomical Monster Composition.

Here’s some spreads for the TS book. 

TS01 TS01206

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4 Responses to Anatomical Monster Composition.

  1. Anatolios Stathiou says:

    These look amazing!!! All you need is some annotations and TS is done!

  2. Emma Fraser says:


  3. Fabienne Tjia says:

    In regards to your TS, it would be great if you explained (or found a reason) for why they look the way they do. Like this flying horse needs wings because… it’s prey is birds or so it can feed on the grass that hangs underneath the rocks. It’s wingspan is only 2 meters because the gravitational force of Gx=5.32m/s^2 (x standing for the name of the planet, so if the planet’s name is Dreamland it would be Gd). So on this planet compared to the Earth’s gravitational force Ge=9.78m/s^2 (e for Earth) this beast only needs about half the power to fly.
    Another idea in terms of TS: here’s a link to an illustration of the Earth’s gravitational field which is actually a little different everywhere because of your distance to the core. Because the Earth is more or less a sphere the difference isn’t so much, but your planet’s are vastly different shapes so the colored map could be very interesting to show the implications of that. (I’d love to do your TS :P) The amount of gravitational force also depends on the density of the material that the planet is made of, so to make a weird lopsided/uneven gravitational field, like really strong on one side, weak on the other is by making a deposit of really high density material somewhere on the side (like a mine or some kind of precious material), the center of gravity will then shift more towards that side. (precious material could be your purple glitter)

    Ok I went kinda overboard maybe, but those are some ideas :P

  4. Nathan Su says:

    Check out this article about fish in space. It talks about the effects of microgravity on bone density.