Advancement in TS

Still working on the organisation of the TS – I found references and started the booklet.

Mark Burry – in charge of the Sagrada Familia. He did a lecture at the AA few years ago, in which he explained his process. Burry has been studying Gaudi work and approach to sculpting stones and proposed to use digital manufacturing in order to produce the missing parts of the church. He is currently still working on it.

(the pieces are all cut with digital tools, notably 6-axis robots)

Cedric Price, John Frazer – the generator project. As far as I know, the first project that bring an AI within the building. The main concept was that the user shapes its environment. The project in itself has no begining or end, it was in constant change. The base was a 2D grid for the floor that could contain elements to be clipped on it (such as walls or services). The elements were displaced by a crane guided by an AI which was developed by Frazer.



I have been thinking more about the interactivity and language – I cured my current amnesia and looked back at my thesis notably.

At the moment, I would like to explore how materials can complement themselves and be readjusted with space. For December’s jury, I am considering producing a larger piece that would combine my language with different material. I did a quick sketch to start thinking about it (different shades are different materials, considering CNCed plaster and 3d print at the moment, with perhaps a wood base that would be a kind of topography). The idea would be that the piece could be conceived through the screen and have the potential to evolve constantly according to the user.


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