Additional Drawings + Conclusion

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Im going to tone down the colours on this one more because i dont particularly like how it turned out.. the concept however, is there and i would like to print this drawing out for the presentation to emphasise on the condition of Dan’s world. I think there isn’t enough variety yet.. but im confident it’ll take shape as i work more on it.

These are drawings and moments i would like to add into my white book. I feel it’ll give the project an added architectural aspect, emphasising on the way in which we live inside today.

Manolis and I came to the conlusion that the major question that i am asking is “what does being inside mean today?”

I think it really sums up the project quite nicely and i am finding a way to tie it into my conclusion.


Dan will always live in room.

But through this, he can escape if only for a few moments into a world where he is no longer contained.

As Dan’s life carries on his world, he will always have the ability to find refuge in a world he has so carefully selected and customised.

Here, our rooms and its walls no longer contain us from one another. In fact, these virtual worlds have become extensions to our rooms as we journey in and out of them.

Here, you will find yourself in a world built for you and you only, catered for your very needs in every possible way.

This is what the interior is today.

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2 Responses to Additional Drawings + Conclusion

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    regarding the render, the other reason it doesn’t work is because the rooms look like their sandwiched between biscuit wafers. if you pump up the wall buildup – maybe on some with your green cable-mess, and others with actual structure could improve it quite a lot.

  2. Emma Fraser says:

    V NICE