A Taxonomy of Objects From a World of Liquid Citizenship



Today, citizenship (both digital and physical) and passports are quasi-commodified. Whether it be, state-state transactions such as the bulk sale of passports from the Comoro Islands to the UAE for their indigousnes stateless bidoon population, or state-individual deals, such as the cash-for-passports programs offered by a plethora of nation-states to wealthy benefactors, or digital citizenship offerings proposed by Estonia (Abrahamian, 2015).

The sanctity of citizenship is dwindling, due, in equal measure to its slow transformation into a vendible commodity and the dissolution of national identity. Currently nation-states occupy the citizenship-market and continue to hold a monopoly on the legitimate means of movement (Torpey, 2000). But, in 50 years we could easily see this neo-liberal market driven agenda expanded in earnest, to the wholesale commoditisation of passports & citizenship; a world of liquid citizenship.

If the passport and citizenship were entirely commodified, we could think of the item as somewhere between a phone and a house. The scale of a phone but with the value of a property. Financial institutions would sprout to facilitate these transactions, we would see a fiscal lexicon applied to the passport: climbing the citizenship ladder, passport mortgage/ remortgage, add to your citizenship portfolio.




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