A step from music to space…….

What does sampling do for me? For design? For architecture? Sampling in music gives possibilities for an artist to take the breakbeat, vocal, sound effect, lyric… from the minute to the entire piece, for the fabrication of their own design. Through programmes such as Ableton, one is able to build up layers of information from all sort of backgrounds. Creating a potentially completely random agglomeration of stuff! This ‘stuff’ might be music one likes, things that just fit in the rhythm or useful tracks to construct the piece. The layers overlap, mask, exaggerate certain sounds, some might end very distinct and recognisable, others distorted to a whole new music.
Having used the sampler as a method for this random layering of actions/ moments/ interpretations, the next step is to take this further in finding a way to sample in architecture. This does not mean eliminating the music, however it does mean finding a way to translate the methods of music fabrication for spacial design.
I am using sampling as a form of production. The grains are reduced to views that are used for these models. Each model should sample a minimum of two grains,using one common element. This piece may vary in scale, material..etc, but it should allow for a continuum in the model itself. The model should be viewed from two-three angles. One of these angles gives the new reading. This common element allows us to switch from the crude representations of each grain to a new version of what this element should be.
My aim with these models is to explore the musical ‘fragment’ in terms of a scaled element or spacial quality.
We have so far:
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.05.22
Banham – Kisho : railing
Banham – Pruitt & Igoe : frame
Urbino – Pruitt & Igoe : corridor
But, need more…..! The more I have the funner it will be enter my world of sampling!
(The breakdown video is continuing to progress parallel to work on these models.)
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