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Some of the comments from the preview tables –

*****Media and place-making – how can the use of different media be used more explicitly to form a critique (about media)?

****The role of the book in the project – currently not different enough from the film and the model

***Presence of the model in the presentation – needs to be more central, and preferably include some live performance

**Notion of time in the project

*Vocabulary of cuts


Motel rooftop (Donald Judd) and lobby

bloggg bloggggggg

Images from the model in the book –

Exhibition at MoMA –


Itinerary of Jeff Wall’s tableaublog2

Barragan’s models with the sky-to-skyline print from the model behind them – here used to make the towers appear larger than they are. So this print is a DOUBLE ENTITY just like the entire model.blog3

Making of 2001: A Space Oddeseyblog4

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