A New Year’s thesis

During the break, I have read through the pile of old notes, a swamp of information which sometimes repeats itself. Unable to synthesize everything, I decided to write down a thesis from memory, trusting it to remember the most essential bits. Having gained some distance I can see that my arguments just add up to about five steps; in my mind it had been many more. When I realized that I wasn’t moving on with my book “The Future of the Image” by J. Ranciere, I moved on to reworking the White Book. There were a few gaps to be filled for me to be a little more satisfied with Term 1, so I squeezed out a few more drawings. After having rethought the thesis, I am currently reformatting the White Book, changing lineweights, etc. If I get the time today, I will play around with my video, which I cut and timed, and test out a couple of background images or footage replacing the green screen. The bad news are that, although I have thought about it conceptually, I still haven’t been able to design a machine…


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