Preparation for Jury.

The world consist of all this allegorical fragments that gets introduced  into the landscape. Those allegorical fragments embody our nostalgia, experiences, fear, fetishes, emotion of the wearer ( some device like a dream-machine ). The dreamscape is constantly shifting, reconstructing the state of identity of it. First an empty and barren land, every second a new fragments are being born; distorting the perspective and transcends our understanding of gravity. I guess the device let its wearer perceive the world in a dream state of mind. 
for the upcoming Jury , the idea is to have a short simple performance to try to link it back to world through an animation ( 5.30mins long ) . ” Basically” after giving a short introduction, I’ll play the animation and faint in the jury. It’ll start of with a blank black screen and slowly through my action of waking up , washing my face, opening the window, ringing a bell, and cycling out of the room. the world start to expand from my action through collecting and quantifying the unconscious mind with the aid of the apparatus. From a simple land into an intricate mess! we can make the world anything we want it to be ,the dreamscape becomes a reflection of our-self. 
The argument part, what , how , why ? ………    


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